Apprentice of the Month - May 2022

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As the Platinum Jubilee celebrations commence this weekend, we thought we would get an early start on the festivities and take a minute to celebrate our amazing apprentices! So grab a scone, sponge cake, and/or sandwich, and we’ll get the party started.

Our Apprentice of the Month award is an opportunity for us to showcase the outstanding achievements of our apprentices. Over the last month, we have received some brilliant nominations from our employers, but we can only have one winner…


Our Apprentice of the Month winner is Hannah Peacock. Hannah is currently undertaking a Level 4 Marketing Executive apprenticeship at Worksop College and Ranby House. Hannah was nominated by Director of Marketing, Admissions and Development, Leila Gold who had these words to share about her:

“Hannah joined my team a year ago having never worked in a marketing role. Recruiting her felt like a gamble, but it really paid off.  In the short time she’s been with us, she’s managed major week-long events, and significant campaigns and is solely responsible for our digital strategy. She’s professional, willing to learn and completely committed.”

“Early this year, Hannah led our ‘Find Your Future’ careers event, a week-long event featuring over 40 high-profile speakers from a range of industries. Hannah managed everything from sourcing speakers and collecting bios to coordinating each day. She directed a variety of people from senior leaders through to catering and maintenance staff – ensuring the event went smoothly and hiccups were dealt with calmly and efficiently. Her poise and professionalism were commented on by several people internally and externally.”

It’s great to see that Hannah remained calm and worked efficiently under the high pressure of running a week-long event.

“Hannah manages our events and digital campaigns calendar and has that enviable skill mix of being able to create and write compelling content, as well as being organised enough to ensure it goes out on time, and on-brand. A rare skill indeed!”

“I have worked in senior marketing roles for 15 years and Hannah is one of the most promising young people I’ve come across – I’m very much looking forward to watching where her career takes her. “

Amazing work Hannah!



“I’ve had my fair share of apprentices and by far the best I have ever worked with is Ashley. From his interview, I found him approachable and personable with an abundance of enthusiasm and motivation to move his career where he felt he could make the most impact.

From his first week on the job, he has not quibbled at any of the tasks set before him no matter how mundane. He is eager to jump headfirst into uncharted territory using his initiative to resolve issues using all the resources available to him but is not too proud to ask for help when it is needed.”


“Harry has a very positive attitude towards his work.  His eagerness to learn new skills and soak up new knowledge is admirable. Since joining Mesma in January this year, Harry has become a very valuable member of the team. He approaches every task with enthusiasm and is not afraid to ask questions if he is unsure of how to achieve a task.  He is currently contributing ideas on how to develop our new products; our Mesma Team welcome the fresh perspective he brings to the table. The Baltic training and support received so far is building his confidence; he is always enthusiastic when he returns to the business following one of his week-long training modules.”


“When we brought Jess into PHD Marketing we knew we’d found a winner straight away. Jess is alert, inquisitive, insightful, and determined to understand and successfully execute all the new practices she faces in her digital marketing role. It’s amazing how fast we have progressed from providing training sessions and introducing new platforms to Jess, to her taking on campaigns autonomously and juggling multiple high-profile projects at once. We are so grateful to have Jess driving our digital service forward and can’t wait to see what she can develop into in the future.”


“Qasim is absolutely smashing his apprentice course. He has become very knowledgeable; he asks questions and he gets stuck into his clients’ campaigns. This month he has learned about email marketing campaigns and is working on one of our clients each week creating a new campaign and liaising with the client throughout via email. He has grown in confidence and goes the extra mile. I am really proud of him and the positive attitude he brings to the team.”


“Sam seems to have come on a lot since starting the apprenticeship. In the last few weeks, her confidence has increased when talking to clients as well as her knowledge in using the many areas of our ERP system. Sam has received many commendations from the feedback from our helpdesk system with many comments saying how well Sam dealt with queries, especially from new starters who were not familiar with our systems and needed more handholding. We are very proud that Sam is definitely a key member of the team.”


“In April, our two Marketing Executives left the business, leaving Will and the Head of Marketing to take on a number of additional responsibilities.  Will adapted to this change in a calm and professional way and was actually excited about the prospect of additional responsibilities.  Will has really stepped up and is actually doing the same level of work as the Marketing Executives despite being at the start of his career.  He has also grown in confidence which has been noticed by several managers in the business.  He really is an asset, and I am delighted to have him in the team.”


If you’ve got a Baltic Apprentice who deserves some recognition, we’d love to share their story!

Please send your nomination (around 200 words) to

Nominations are open until the 23rd of each month. Any nominations we receive after this date will be considered for the next award.