Apprentice of The Month - July 2023

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As the summer season is in full swing and people are embarking on their fun holiday adventures, we wanted to add a little extra dose of Baltic joy and celebrate the successes of some of our incredible apprentices.

It gives us great honour to announce July’s Apprentice of The Month winner!

Drum roll please…

Congratulations to Bethany Hill, July’s Apprentice of The Month! Bethany is a Level 3 Content Creator Apprentice with Lesters Packaging, and her manager was delighted to put her forward to be this month’s deserving winner. 

Read below to see what Bethany’s manager had to say about her apprenticeship journey so far.

“Since starting with us, Bethany has been a breath of fresh air. Her creativity and enthusiasm has shone through, and she’s grasped both the role and the business extremely well. She was thrown in at the deep end when we took her to film at a client’s premises just a few days into the job, but she took that in her stride and managed to create not only a professional video but also took the learnings from that and took them into subsequent videos she’s produced. We recently installed a new video and photography studio that Bethany, after some initial training, has been using to great effect.

She’s grasped the benefits of planning and storyboarding content to make sure that things run smoothly when it comes to a shoot, and she’s created a content plan that she shares with the wider team so that we all know what’s happening and when. This has involved her dealing with several internal departments and she’s integrated really well, encouraging all the teams to get involved. In general, Bethany has exceeded our expectations and is well on the way to becoming an invaluable member of the team. Bethany has also become a Baltic Champion and been highly commended for her contribution to the course she’s on.”

Amazing work and fantastic achievements Bethany!

As well as celebrating this month’s winner, we would love to continue the celebration by congratulating our stand-out nominees from this month. These apprentices have been put forward by their managers for showcasing hard work and dedication to their job role.

“Nigel is always great to have around the office; he always has a smile on his face and emanates a positive energy. Feedback from his training sessions has always been encouraging, and he is quick to learn new processes and technologies. He often keeps up to date on the latest tech news and best practices and is often learning at home in the evening. He brings in new ideas to share with the team in the office, whether in his immediate team or during the development meetings that involve all developers in the company. Outside of the training, he is doing a stellar job at implementing new features and redeveloping some of our product range. All of the work he completes is to a very high standard, and we are looking forward to him sharing some more of his ideas in the future. Nigel has become a valuable resource in a short amount of time and is destined for a long successful career with us. He is a real testament to the quality of training received from Baltic Apprenticeships.”

“Ann is growing by the day, and in return our social content is growing!
Ann came into our business as a Bid Coordinator with the ambition that she may be able to support on a couple of visual graphics for tender submission.  However, I feel we have collectively unleashed a very special talent.

Soon after joining us, through Ann asking questions, I could see she was gifted with a natural curiosity to do things differently.  When we are talking about an initial concept or idea for a project, Ann immediately gets busy with her creative pen, mapping out creative ideas and alternative ways to illustrate the key message.

This apprenticeship, albeit, is in its early weeks, is already making a huge impact on Ann’s personal growth, which is the biggest priority, but additionally, we as a business are now absorbing this learning and new tools for deployment in our content creation – all delivered by Ann. We are now looking to revisit Ann’s Job Description and Title so it fits aligned with all her new skills.”

“Since starting with Blue Cookie back in January Stu was thrown in at the deep end, learning about our existing customers and projects and what the end goals are whilst starting his apprenticeship. Stu has been involved with a new client from the initial meeting to writing the specification, working with another member of staff with the development to testing the project. Stu has built up a very good relationship with the client and was the main point of contact during the project. He has excelled in understanding the requirements, writing the specification document, and ensuring the staff fully understand what was needed. The client was so impressed there are talks for the next project!

We can see how hard Stu has been working in his apprenticeship and it has paid off, not only has he been named ‘Session Superstar’ at the latest training session but he has covered a lot in a short period of time which can be seen in his work. He has been a dedicated and hardworking staff member, and it has been great to see his understanding and confidence grow. Stu is a valued member of the team and we look forward to what the future brings!”

“I would like to nominate Reece as employee of the month for Inconnection. Reece has been a delight to work with over the last few months, he has really got stuck into the role and tried to really understand our business goals to present data reporting in a visually pleasing way to our staff and management team.  It has been great seeing what Reece can produce and what her is learning on his course and we have been impressed with the way he has interacted with various team members at all different levels.  Reece has also asked for feed-back on all of his new reports and very quickly finds a solution or an improved way of presenting data. After each set of training, he has presented new ideas which is fantastic to see! Well done Reece.”

If you’ve got a Baltic apprentice who deserves some recognition, we’d love to share their story!

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Nominations are open until the 23rd of each month. Any nominations we receive after this date will be considered for the next award.