Apprentice of the Month - July 2022

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As we’re well into the summer, it’s only right we highlight our apprentices’ achievements to remind them that their hard work does pay off and doesn’t go unrecognised!

Over the last month we have received a huge amount of nominations, showcasing different apprentices’ dedication to their role and the ways in which they massively benefit their workplace.


Our Apprentice of the Month winner is Tom Fisher! Tom is currently completing his Software Developer Level 4 apprenticeship, while working as a Digital Change Specialist at The Private Office.

Tom was nominated by his line manager Kate, who only had great things to say about him:

“Tom has used a variety of coding languages within his role. He often uses the coding techniques within Dynamics 365 but has also utilised other coding languages. He has shown initiative by reviewing designs and always trying to streamline these and improve them which has resulted in more efficiency and consistency.”

“Tom manages his own tasks daily and is very self-determined. Whenever there is a team meeting which requires preparation, Tom will always review the meeting description. If there is anything he needs to bring to the meeting, he will often procure this in advance and review it thoroughly to ensure that he is well prepared.”

“Tom is a fabulous employee, a huge asset to our team and is so deserving of this award and recognition. I have only heard positive things from our team and the wider business about how fantastic he is.”

Keep up the amazing work Tom!


This month we received an incredible number of stand-out nominations from our employers! So, without any hesitation, here are 10 amazing apprentices, who all deserve to be recognised for their fantastic achievements:

Andrew Adshead, Myson Pages

“Week by week we are witnessing this once quiet guy develop into a confident and knowledgeable young man, who regularly finishes top of our Customer Thermometer stats. He often collects more gold stars for his tickets than his more senior colleagues. While still completing his apprenticeship, Andrew has cemented his place in the team at Myson Pages.”

Danny Walker, Pioneering Care Partnerships

“Danny has gone above and beyond to support communities that engage with PCP’s services through strategised digital marketing content and communication. Recently he took a proactive approach to his social media campaigns and created targeted Facebook advertisements with a graphics created by himself on Canva. His campaigns were creative and ensured he was targeting different age groups with appropriate wording and eye-catching details.”

Ikra, KOREC Group

“Ikra has really stepped up to the plate over the last month, her energy, enthusiasm and can-do attitude have been demonstrated at recent events, including the Big Bang Fair where she met and interacted with thousands of school-age children, to inspire them to a career in STEM. She showcases her digital talents through well-designed, colourful and engaging social media content, but her true design & creativity shines through in her short video reels.”

Jai Brown, Demma

“Since joining us directly from school Jai has shown nothing but effort and success! He has been increasing his skill base, troubleshooting basic PC, network and printing issues. Jai has also assisted with router installations and supporting user accounts through Active Directory”

Jasmine Harding, Ramarketingpr

“Since Jasmine started, her enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge has been obvious. From learning how to build HTML emails to delivering client-builds on live projects –she’s taken ownership of this task. This is a huge accomplishment that we’re proud about here; not only does it show promise realising what kind or valuable asset she will become over time but also shows just why everyone loves working alongside someone as grateful and hardworking as ourselves.”

Maisy Owen, Headway Wealth

“Maisy is an absolute delight to work with. As her manager, I have witnessed first-hand her strong work ethic, maturity, and passion for marketing. She is a valuable member of Headway Wealth’s marketing team who accomplishes each task diligently and accurately with minimal supervision. She takes on new challenges and projects without fear but isn’t afraid to ask questions or for help if she’s unsure about something. Maisy also has an inner sense of curiosity to want to learn more about different marketing concepts. She has an eye for design and content which enables her to develop engaging content for the brand.”

Martyna Olejarz, Cutwel

“Martyna has only been with us for two weeks, but already made a big impression! She has been thrown in the deep end a little as we have started work on our new catalogue. After a couple of hours training with our Graphic Designer she has picked up enough to start inputting information on InDesign. Her work was also shown in a board meeting with the directors being very shocked at the level of quality that was done by someone who has only just started. They are very impressed with her and have passed this onto her and the team.”

Sarah Chan, RICS

“Sarah joined us with no prior experience of working in a marketing team. In 9 months she has thrived and is an asset to the Global Marketing Team. Her enthusiasm and energetic “can-do, will-do” attitude is both infectious and a breath of fresh air! She consistently role models RICS values and behaviours, setting a positive example to her peers.”

Serge Utting, NielsenIQ Brandbank

‘’Serge, as always, has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. He is a fantastic learner who gives it 110% every task and discussions. It is Serge’s dedication to learn that makes him a valuable member of our team, he has internal goals set which are encouraging him to take on additional responsibility through his apprenticeship.”

Vickey Yip, The Private Office

“Vickey is a very popular team member with a positive attitude to work assigned to her. She is a collaborative team player and is always willing to offer assistance to others! From the commencement of her data apprenticeship Vickey has made huge progress which has had a positive impact for the company. In addition to this, Vickey is also identifying gaps/discrepancies in the data and producing data quality reports to highlight these.”


If you’ve got a Baltic Apprentice who deserves some recognition, we’d love to share their story!

Please send your nomination (around 200 words) to

Nominations are open until the 23rd of each month. Any nominations we receive after this date will be considered for the next award.