Apprentice of The Month - August 2023

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With August being the month of exciting results and celebration for many young people, we wanted to extend the spotlight by announcing this month’s Apprentice of The Month winner!

As always, we have received a significant number of incredible nominees from our employers highlighting remarkable apprentice success. Now, although the nominations were strong, and it was a tough decision to make, there was one apprentice who shone above them all!

Congratulations to Patryk Gorcewicz for being awarded Augusts’s Apprentice of the Month!

Patryk is a Level 3 IT Support Technician Apprentice with Network Ltd, and his manager, Jack, had nothing but high praise for the work Patyrk has accomplished on his apprenticeship so far!

“The reason for this nomination is due to the long-standing consistency and efficiency Patryk has shown during his time with us. It is a huge achievement to be able to replicate the same success week in, week out. Something that can sometimes be overlooked when someone is always going above the standard we set. This to me is a huge indicator of the sort of apprentice we have, one that is always going above and beyond for clients, always trying to help!

Patryk throughout his apprenticeship has excelled and been an incredible asset to the company. He has continued to impress throughout his time with us and has made a big impact not only to the work he does however the atmosphere he brings to the office.

Patryk has fast become the main problem solver in the office with him recording the highest number of tickets solved. Not only is he solving tickets efficiently however they are being dealt with in a professional manner. His hard work and determination is enough to qualify the nomination alone however Patryk offers much more to the company than just this.

More recently, Patryk has been helping diagnose and learn about network infrastructure problems. Patryk used his skills and knowledge he had gained to solve a problem with a network printer being offline and unusable.

Feedback I have received from our clients supports the thoughts we have about him. Some of the praise I have received from clients is “brilliant”, “a star”, “always patient and happy to help”, to name a few. These types of compliments help retain our customers and improve our reputation.”

Well done, Patryk, keep up the great work!

We couldn’t end the month without celebrating and congratulating our stand-out nominees put forward by their employers for showcasing hard work, passion, and dedication to their apprenticeship.

“In just 3 months she has made a huge impact on the business. She has hit the ground running and implemented lots of ideas from the Baltic course already. Content creation requires a blend of art and science, Olivia has relentlessly tested out different forms of content to hit the sweet spot. This effort has resulted in viral content across different platforms… most notably 25M views on a single TikTok video.

Olivia understands the importance of adapting content to the platform which means she doesn’t simply replicate content across different channels. She adapts the content to the demographic of the social platform and the psychology of the audience. In business the vanity metrics of likes/followers don’t mean anything, what matters is an increase in awareness and therefore customers. We are tracking the results of our social media efforts and currently 1 in 4 new customers are finding us on social media. Keep up the great work Baltic and I’m very excited to see what Olivia will achieve in another 3 months on the course!”

“I am blown away by Ash’s content creating skills, and he has generated several engaging posts and reels for our business which have been a huge success, as well as helping out with other marketing tasks required. Nothing is too much trouble for Ash.

Ash is also a ray of sunshine in the marketing department and office as a whole, always bringing positive energy, dedicated work ethic, and creative new ideas to the workplace.

Ash is learning something new every day and taking everything on board from his apprenticeship sessions, putting them into practice in his day-to-day tasks. I could not ask for a better apprentice, and we are really happy with Ash’s progress so far. He has literally jumped right into the deep end, going out and capturing content of our sites, working with key stakeholders across the business and producing high quality content for our social media channels.”

“Joshua’s work ethic is truly commendable. His commitment to excellence is evident in his consistent delivery of high-quality work. His ability to grasp complex concepts and swiftly learn new skills has greatly contributed to our projects’ success. He consistently brings fresh ideas to the table, infusing innovation into our strategies and approaches.

What truly sets Joshua apart is his remarkable initiative. He takes ownership of tasks and projects, displaying an innate ability to work autonomously. His proactive approach to problem-solving and his keen sense of prioritisation have significantly enhanced our team’s efficiency and output.

Since joining the Anderton Centre, Joshua has not only met expectations but exceeded them. His dedication, enthusiasm, and exceptional contributions have made a tangible impact on our operations. Joshua’s ability to settle into our team, coupled with his exemplary work ethic, rapid learning, innovative thinking, and self-directed approach, make him an invaluable asset. He embodies the spirit of excellence we strive for at the Anderton Centre and deserves recognition for his remarkable achievements so far in his apprenticeship.

“Bethany joined us in March on a Content Creator Apprenticeship and has taken every project, big and small, in her stride. Beth’s creative approach and ability, particularly with Instagram reels and trends, has been a welcome and valuable addition to our marketing team. She has also created our TikTok account and provided a strategy for the content, which we wouldn’t have achieved without her appointment and passion for the channel. Beth sees the opportunity to capture content wherever she goes, often taking shots or video content on her daily commute or lunch break. She has also stepped up to take over the content for our Podcast, researching other podcasts and providing insights to help us to grow our subscriber numbers. Her ability has far surpassed our expectations for an apprentice.”

“Arbaz’s achievements stand out. He adeptly grasps intricate technical concepts and applies them effectively in practical scenarios. His solutions-focused problem-solving approach has enriched our team and enhanced project outcomes.

A standout accomplishment includes his pivotal role in optimizing device replacement rollout, boosting efficiency and minimizing downtime. Additionally, he initiated and led a project introducing BBC:MicroBits to our EdTech Team, fostering IT integration in classrooms across our primary schools. Arbaz’s collaborative spirit merits special acknowledgment. He seamlessly integrates, promoting continuous learning through insightful contributions.

Commendably, Arbaz actively seeks skill-enhancing opportunities, excelling in Baltic assignments and projects, underscoring his commitment to personal and professional growth.”

If you’ve got a Baltic apprentice who deserves some recognition, we’d love to share their story!

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