A-Level Results Day 2023: What Are Your Next Steps?

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In 2023, after a few years of disruption, A-Level exams returned to their usual format, but it seems that A-Level Results Day could still be an uncertain time for many students.

Whether you’re nervously awaiting your results, refreshing UCAS every three seconds, or have just picked up your envelope, we’re here to help you prepare for the day ahead and guide you through your next steps after A-Levels.

When is A-Level Results Day 2023?

This year, A-Level Results Day is taking place on Thursday 17 August. UCAS will release the information about whether you got accepted into your university of choice at 8am, but do not stress as they will have a large volume of results to process on the day, you might not actually receive yours at 8am on the dot! However you will still need to collect your results from your school to see exactly what grades you received.

How will A-Level Grades be Calculated?

With the original grading processes back into action, all the papers will be marked by examiners according to the standard mark schemes; Jo Saxton from Ofqual stated that: “Marking will happen as it would in any pre-pandemic year.”

However, it is expected that competition for university places will be high, and the number of top grades may be lower than they were in the last two years, where teacher assessed grades were the norm.

What Can You Do if Your A-Level Results Are Not What You Hoped?

If you open up your envelope to discover that your grades are not what you were expecting, it’s completely ok to feel disappointed and uncertain.

There’s a lot of pressure around A-Level Results Day – from friends, family members, and often ourselves.

The important thing to remember is not to panic. Your A-Level results do not define you or your future – you have a lot of options open to you, and your future is still yours to create.

So, what can you do if you’re A-Level Grades aren’t what you hoped for?

Option 1: Check Your Offer

If your plan was to go to university after your A-Levels, firstly check and see if your place has been confirmed for any of your universities of choice. If you narrowly missed out on your grades, contact the university to find out whether they could still offer you a place.

University admission decisions are made on a variety of factors alongside your A-Level results, including your achievements, personal statement, and any interviews you participated in – so you may still get in.

Option 2: Explore Clearing

If you are certain university is the route you want to go down and your initial offer doesn’t stand anymore due to your grades, you can apply for Clearing. Clearing is how universities fill any places they still have on their courses, if you do not have an offer from a university you can apply for a course using Clearing, meaning you might still have the opportunity to go to university at this time.

UCAS have a great step-by-step guide to Clearing, that explains exactly how the system works and what you’ll need to do.

Option 3: Kickstart Your Career

Another option for young people looking to go straight into the workplace, is to kickstart your career with an apprenticeship. Going down this pathway, you’ll work towards a recognised qualification in your specialist subject. You’ll also build on the skills that can’t be measured through an exam or university essay – such as teamwork, communication, and confidence.

With an apprenticeship, you’ll be working with an amazing employer in a real job opportunity; with all the training and support you need to get your career up and running. As apprenticeships are becoming more and more popular, there are now apprenticeship programmes in almost every industry.

Here at Baltic Apprenticeships we specialise in the digital and tech sector, this means we offer apprenticeships in:

An apprenticeship gives you options. Some choose to go to university after completing their programme – armed with the experience that gives them the edge in the graduate jobs market. Others will rise through the ranks in the workplace – quickly getting promotions, pay rises, and becoming a force to be reckoned with!

Can You Resit Your A-Levels?

It is possible to resit your A-Levels if that is what you want to do. These retakes can be done at your same sixth form college or a different one in your area. You can be any age and resit these exams as many times as you would like, however this process will cost depending on where and how many times you decide to retake your A-Levels.

What Should You Take Away From A-Level Results Day?

No matter what happens on Results Day, you should be immensely proud of the way you’ve handled this stressful time.

After over two years of disruption to your studies, you’ve adapted and have made it through, showing maturity and perseverance!

We wish you the best as you discover your next steps in life and remember, no matter what A-Level results you receive, don’t be disheartened – your grades don’t determine your potential!