5 free resources to help you troubleshoot computer issues

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Have you ever ran into a problem with your PC and decided to try and solve the issue yourself? Skills in troubleshooting are in high demand, you can get ahead of the game through research and practice.  There are numerous free resources available on the web to improve your troubleshooting skills, here are 5 examples:

  1. Search engines

Search engines can provide an answer to most questions, they can direct you to different help pages and even summarise an answer to the problem you might be experiencing. Using Google or other search engines can help you find a solution by directing you to the most relevant websites.

  1. Forums

Help forums such as Bleeping Computer and Tech Support Guy can be a great way to find a quick answer to a computer issue. You can share the issue you might be experiencing on the forum and someone will be more than happy to help. Forum members can range from experts to beginners, these individuals are able to provide users with information and solutions, as well as looking to increase their knowledge and skills.

  1. YouTube Tutorials

YouTube tutorials can be a great way to troubleshoot computer issues. A YouTube video will give you a visual guide. Therefore, you are more likely to take in the information and have a physical solution to the problem.  You can follow the tutorial step by step and pause or rewind if you don’t understand.

  1. Support Websites

There are specific support sites you can visit which will provide you with answers to FAQs and common issues people come into contact with. This can be support website a such as Apple or Microsoft support.

  1. Articles and blogs

You can also source answers to issues on blogs and articles such as Dummies. Reading different articles on troubleshooting can help you expand your knowledge base and learn new skills in the process.

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