4 Reasons Your Business Needs a Content Creator Apprentice

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Every business has an online presence, but the way businesses present themselves online has changed dramatically over the last decade.

With the rise of social networking platforms, businesses quickly realised that they could use these apps to promote products or services, engage with their customers, and reach an almost infinite new audience with very little overhead.

But as we move away from social networking and move further into the age of social media – with flick-throughs, short-form videos, and limitless content scrolling, businesses must adapt their online strategy to reflect this new pace, or risk being left behind.

This is where a Content Creator apprentice comes in… With our expert training and your knowledge of your product or service, an apprentice is guaranteed to enrich your team – but most importantly, your content strategy!


It’s time to admit that consumer behaviour has changed. Search Engine Journal reported that 40% of Gen Z prefer to search on TikTok or Instagram over Google. As more and more people use social platforms as search engines to gather information, check product reviews, and keep up to date with new trends, businesses need high-quality content to ensure they can stand out against the sea of content already available.

Hiring an apprentice to develop your social media strategy means they can optimise your social media accounts and your content to ensure you’re getting seen by the right people. By taking responsibility for your social platforms, your new Content Creator apprentice can create engaging and creative content that leads to sales.


With what we know above, it can’t come as a surprise that traditional advertising is a declining industry. Traditional advertising disrupts a user’s experience to promote their product or service whereas Content Marketing aims to add value to the viewer, build report, and create a lasting relationship with the target audience.

A Content Creator apprentice can take ownership of your new Content Marketing strategy. With our expert training, your apprentice can learn how to create content that adds value to your audience while reflecting your brand identity. They could do this through short-form videos, blog creation, or social media management.


Consumers are bored of faceless corporations. According to HubSpot, 80% of Marketers say funny content is the most effective on social media, but do you have time to regularly brainstorm, plan, compose, post, and monitor this type of content?

With your guidance, a Content Creator apprentice can dedicate the time and effort to craft your company’s online persona and create regular videos to showcase it. Your apprentice will then be able to monitor and evaluate the success of each post, meaning they can adapt your strategy to jump on new social media trends or aim for a wider reach.


I’m sure you are familiar with Bill Gates’ infamous ‘Content is King’ statement, and almost 30 years later it’s more appropriate than ever… but in 2023, the throne belongs to short-form content. Forbes, HubSpot, and The Digital Marketing Institute have all identified short-form content as one of their top marketing trends for the rest of the year.

The great thing about the reach of social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts is that you can market your products or services however you want – there is no topic too niche. Your apprentice can introduce new and creative ways to promote your business online, or they can simply jump on trends with little relevance to your business to show personality and increase brand awareness.


Interested in developing your content strategy with some new talent? Or how about training an existing staff member? Get started and take a look at our Level 3 Content Creator Apprenticeship programme.

If your business pays into the Apprenticeship Levy Scheme, our Content Creator Apprenticeship is pre-paid and will come at no additional cost to your organisation.

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If your business does not pay into this scheme, the government will fund 95% of all apprenticeship costs with their ‘co-investment’ model.