BCS Foundation Referral Scheme

We’ve partnered with the BCS Foundation, a non-profit organisation on a mission to break down barriers and ensure all young people have the same opportunities to develop their digital skills.

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What is the BCS Foundation?

The BCS Foundation is a non-profit organisation, run by the BCS (The Charted Institute for IT), dedicated to creating a future where every young person can thrive in the modern, digital world.

Both the BCS and the BCS Foundation promote social mobility and support the growing and diverse community of IT and digital professionals to gain the skills and connections they need to develop their careers.

The organisations aim to inspire more careers in IT and digital roles, progress individual careers through appropriate development and training, and influence the industry and government to bring impactful change to society and the IT industry.

Submit your Referral!

For each successful business referral, we will donate £150 to the BCS Foundation.