What is Baltic Live?

Welcome to Baltic Live, an interactive events and networking programme created by and for Baltic apprentices.

Each month, we bring together our learners, industry experts, Baltic Champions and the Baltic team to discuss a fresh topic. 

Expect workshops, Q&As and exciting insights into everything from professional development to wellbeing support, and from career guidance to cutting edge tutorials. Baltic Live brings the very best of the digital and tech sector to a screen near you. 


Featured Event:


Wednesday 16th November 2022, 12pm - 1pm

Join us on the 16th of November for a powerful talk with Michael Barton about his experience of living with autism. This 45-minute webinar will cover the positive aspects of autism and how this is a superpower in the workplace. We'll also discuss the reasonable adjustments you can ask from your employer to set you up for success in the world of work.

The session will help you develop a better understanding of autism, and how you can support someone who is autistic. Join us during your lunch break to sit back, listen and learn about neurodiversity!

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Baltic Live is more than just an online events schedule, it's designed to give our apprentices the advice and guidance they need to succeed on their programme.

So, who is better to shape our future events than our apprentices themselves?

If you're a Baltic apprentice and want us to cover a topic in an upcoming webinar - we want to hear from you!

Whether you'd like to see us talk about managing your money, excelling in your EPA or mastering multitasking, or just apprenticeships in general, let us know by emailing your request to yourfuture@balticapprenticeships.com.

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Baltic Live is just one part of your experience as a Baltic apprentice. 

Our apprenticeships offer more than a training course. We provide support, resources and opportunities for our learners to expand horizons, build expertise, and make new connections, and have a great time on programme.