Any business that has a salary bill in excess of £3 million, or is connected to other companies or charities through employment allowance, which in total have an annual salary bill of more than £3 million, will pay into the Apprenticeship Levy each month.

There are various ways businesses can utilise their levy funds, one being to recruit an apprentice. Recruiting an apprentice is the perfect way to bring new talent into a team. Apprentices are enthusiastic and ambitious individuals who can bring a completely new dynamic to any business.

Alternatively, apprenticeships are a highly accessible and affordable means of training existing employees. Developed with employers in mind, each course has been created to match the skills required to excel in a particular field and role.


Use the Apprenticeship Levy calculator to get a sense of cost and available funds, complete the two input boxes below to start assessing the impact.

This is the overall salary for all staff operating in the UK, covering all items subject to Class 1 Employer National Insurance Contributions.
Please provide an estimate percentage of your UK workforce living in England.
Total Levy
Your overall levy is calculated at 0.5% of your annual salary bill.
Levy Allowance
Every employer is entitled to a £15,000 allowance. Groups and connected companies will only get one allowance of £15,000 to be allocated before the start of the financial year
Total payable
The amount you are estimated to pay across the year
Amount in digital account
The Levy that appears in your digital account reflects the percentage of your workforce living in England. If you have 50% of your workforce living in England, only 50% will appear in your digital account.
10% top up
Government provides a 10% top-up on levy funds, based on the amount entering your digital account.
Total to invest in apprenticeship training
Total levy funds available to invest in apprentice training and assessment.

How many apprentices would I need to draw down my funding?*

Apprenticeships with an average cost of £15,000

*The calculation is purely indicative. It is based on an assumption of an average of cost for training and assessment per apprenticeship for the duration of their course. The actual number of apprentices required will vary depending on the specific apprenticeship Frameworks or Standards and the actual price you agree for training and assessment with providers.

Please fill out your details below and an advisor will get in touch with you shortly.

0-50 Employees

If your business has less than 50 employees and a salary bill less than £3 million. You will not contribute to the levy.

If you are looking to recruit a 16-18 year old, this will be fully funded by the government along with an additional incentive of £1000 for supporting young people into jobs.

If you place someone aged 19+ onto an apprenticeship, you are expected to pay 5% of the training costs directly to Baltic, the remaining 95% will be contributed by the government. Any member of staff under the age of 25 who are enrolled on an apprenticeship programme will not be subject to national insurance contributions.

Over 50 Employees

If your business has more than 50 employees and a salary bill less than £3 million, you do not contribute to the levy but you will contribute 5% to the cost of apprenticeship training.

This is known as co-investment. 



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