Who are Baltic?

We are a national apprenticeship training provider focused solely on tech and digital skills. Our programmes cover IT, software development, data, and digital marketing.

Our unrivalled experience and expertise gives us a comprehensive knowledge of a complex sector. While other learning providers cover different industries and career routes, we are laser focused digital experts.

We focus on digital and tech for one simple reason: we’d rather excel in one area than be average in many.

Being the first training provider to offer a completely tech-focused, tech-driven learning solution, we have a wealth of experience alongside our expertise.

At Baltic, we do one thing. We do it well. And we’ve done it longer than anyone else.

Champion the Alternative with Baltic

There is never just one way to reach a destination. We offer an alternative career path and a different route to developing skills.

Seeking alternative routes is hard wired into our DNA. It keeps us adapting and evolving, always finding new ways to help our learners reach their goals. This means collaborating with employers to continually enhance our curriculum – and listening carefully to our apprentices, always ensuring the best outcomes for them.

We nurture differences because we know every learner is unique. Where groups are under-represented or overlooked, we make it a priority to close the gap – and where others simply train and supply apprentices – we build our team with them.

Our Values

Everything we do is built on a foundation of exemplary care. Care for our apprentices, our employers, and our team.

Alongside this comes an unmatched level of focus for digital and tech training. This helps us stay ahead of the curve and maintain comprehensive knowledge of a complex digital sector.

Our Values:

Caring Core

Anything is possible when you have the right people on your side. Despite our faith in technology, teaching life-changing skills needs a human touch. For learners, that means plenty of support and guidance, so you can launch a new career with confidence. For employers, we take a collaborative approach to place the right apprentice in the right role for long-term success in your organisation.
Our Values:

Change Is Good

In a world where the future is being written quicker than ever before, change is the only constant. As businesses try to keep pace with change, gaps in knowledge and shortages in skills can leave employers searching for a different approach; that’s where we come in. We help people transform their passion into the skills that employers can use and nurture for today, tomorrow, and beyond.
Our Values:

Dedicated to Digital

When we first started, taking a digital-first approach to training was the alternative. Now everyone does it. But not everyone is digitally dedicated. At Baltic, we live and breathe digital technologies and our experience sets us apart from the crowd. We’re always looking for ways to apply our knowledge, embrace emerging technology, and deepen our understanding.

Join our learners, our employers, our team. Champion the alternative and be the future with Baltic: 


Start Your Career

An apprenticeship is an amazing way to get the knowledge, experience, and qualifications you need. Whether you’re just starting out or switching to something new, our apprenticeships can help you start a rewarding career in IT, Data, Software Development or Digital Marketing.

Develop your team

The best tech teams never stop learning, never stop developing their skills, and keep ahead of an evolving digital landscape. Whether you’re recruiting new talent or developing existing staff, our industry-led training programmes can help you build a team with the skills you need to grow.

Join Our Team

Our team change futures through the power of apprenticeships. Whether you're interested in technical training, working with candidates, mentoring our learners, or engaging with incredible employers, we're always looking for passionate people to join our team.

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