Resolve - Investing in the Next Generation of IT Professionals

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Hear from Andrew Seaton, MD of Resolve 👇🏻

Andrew is the Managing Director of Resolve, a Sheffield-based Managed Service Provider offering a range of different services for clients, typically consisting of IT support.


“We are a massive fan of apprenticeships and we’ve found that Baltic has been the best apprenticeship provider we’ve used.”
“We kind of quite quickly figured out that actually for the business to grow really well, we needed to have some of the next generation of engineers. And so we looked around and at the time, apprentices seemed to be the best way to do that.”

“Any forward thinking company, especially in the IT sector needs to think about how they would attract and retain talent.”

“One of the key benefits that apprenticeships had on Resolve is, is that we’ve had the ability to have young, fresh, new talent come into the organisation and then progress through the organisation. Typically they would stay for at least two to three years, once you’ve trained them – they want to stay with you.”