Apprentice of the Month - September 2022

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As September comes to an end, Autumn has now arrived, and our Apprentice of the Month award has returned!

Here at Baltic, we love hearing about our apprentices achievements. Over the past month we have received some outstanding nominations from our employers, so let’s get started and highlight September’s official winner as well as our stand out nominees!


Congratulations to Lucy Reid who is September’s Apprentice of the month winner! Lucy is currently completing her Level 3 Software Development Technician apprenticeship with Ensek.

Lucy was nominated by James Chambers, the Engineering Manager at Ensek, who shared these fantastic words about her and the positive impact she’s had since starting at Ensek:

“Lucy has been an exceptional member of the team since her first day, always outgoing and positive. She has integrated exceptionally well in her new squad. Almost daily I get positive feedback from those she works with.”

“Recently Lucy has shown real strength in her ability to prioritise and keep positive, as well as being productive and calm under pressure while helping with multiple hotfixes. She is a key member of our team since her first day, by providing extensive domain knowledge to the team and having no problems spending extra time to go over things in her own time.”

“I have no doubt she will continue on her path, and she has recently been put up for a promotion due to her efforts, her hard work and attitude are something I think we all wish we had.”

A huge congratulations to you Lucy, keep up the amazing work!


We also want to showcase our 10 stand-out nominees for this month who also deserve to be recognized for their achievements and commitment in the workplace!


“Bryan has been with the company now for 3 months and has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He has already begun to start thinking about how he can use more advanced features using Excel to improve some of our working processes and will even seek extra knowledge in his spare time. Bryan continues to go from strength to strength and it has been amazing to see him grow in his new career in data, which he is so passionate about.”


“Jack has joined a fledgling team and quickly established himself as an approachable and reliable colleague of all within Intelligent Voice. Jack exhibits the hallmarks of a professional investigator. He listens and considers the information put before him. He tests the information and will challenge the information when he has concerns. Jack takes pride in his work and applies diligence in assuring himself of his findings before cascading to the team. He is a team player and propagates a team ethos. We are very proud of Jacks development.”


“Tim’s hugely benefited from completing his Data Analyst apprenticeship with Baltic. Each module has given Tim practical experiences which he has brought back to the workplace and applied in his role as Business Intelligence developer. Not only has Tim utilised the new skills and techniques picked up in each module, but he now has far more confidence in his own abilities. I am particularly proud of the way Tim has managed his time, balancing his own learning via the apprenticeship whilst also maintaining high standards in his day job. Tim is always an absolute pleasure to work with.”


“We utilize Daniel on several projects, and I never cease to be surprised by his engagement with clients at a level far above his own. Daniel engages not just on delivering product to clients but is always keen and capable of engaging directly with customers, requesting information he needs with utmost independence and being more than willing and able to handle face to face communication with complete confidence and professionalism. I never feel we must support Daniel more than we would our more seasoned developers, he is an asset to the team and one I think we can utilize for years to come as he goes from strength to strength.”


“James has just started on a new challenging project, here at Boxmodel, and is excelling in all areas on it. He has taken the initiative to improve his skills and has applied his new knowledge to enable him to effectively contribute to the work on the existing, complex codebase. The project also requires him to integrate with an already large, multi-disciplinary team, working collaboratively with other developers and many different senior stakeholders from the client side. James has shown a great willingness to learn and in his short time at Boxmodel has impressed everyone he has worked with and continues to succeed in everything he is asked to learn.”


“Diana has been an excellent addition to our Business Intelligence team at Jigsaw. It was clear to see from her first day that she is passionately driven by data and is extremely keen to learn quickly, and in-depth. She is very approachable, always willing to help and go that extra mile to deliver a satisfying result. The feedback from colleagues across the business, not just in IT, highlights her passion for the role and people have commented on how helpful she is. Diana also displays patience, shows an interest in new ways of working, and has excelled in her short time here at Jigsaw.”


“Lauren has immediately hit the ground running – getting involved in everything we throw at her, from event management to social media planning, as well as achieving great results in her Apprenticeship training courses. She’s fast and conscientious in getting through all her tasks, and has blended in brilliantly with the rest of the team. I want to highlight something she did a couple of weeks ago when we had two new joiners to the company. Reflecting on her own experience when she started with us, totally off her own bat Lauren set up a new page on the intranet and filled it with key information about our products and services that had been shared with her when she first joined. It is clear and comprehensive, and super useful for all members of the business. An impressive initiative and one that exemplifies one of our key values of collaboration.”


“Kelly has hit the 6-month mark within the Travis Perkins Managed Services (TPMS) Marketing team and she has exceeded all expectations. A fast learner with a keen eye for detail, she continues to excel in all creative tasks. Kelly has delivered on her objectives and apprenticeship coursework and secured respect from colleagues across the wider business network. Kelly has an infectious positivity and a can-do attitude. I’m delighted by the organised and structured approach she takes to her work. Our recent strategy planning has benefited from her constructive suggestions, and I can see a great future for Kelly’s career with us.”


“Since joining the company at the beginning of July, Naiyan has already become an integral part of the team and has impressed everyone with how fast he has been able to develop his skills and effectively contribute his own ideas. In the last week, he passed his first Google Ads certification course with flying colours, an exam score of 96% and has successfully completed a wide range of courses across HubSpot to solidify his strong understanding of what drives success in digital marketing.”


“Adam has shone in the organisation since the loss of a key staff member and has really pulled out the stops and proved to be a valuable member of the team. This praise is not only from our “customers” but also from within the team who have been able to focus on projects with confidence that Adam is handling the end users. I’ve watched him come out of his shell, stand up and be counted and be a real IT Professional. It’s clear his knowledge is improving from the apprenticeship but also his confidence. A lot of this doesn’t come from a classroom but comes from experience and he should be commended for his commitment and his attitude. I am really proud of where he is right now and I’m sure he is too, and I feel it really needs recognising!”


If you’ve got a Baltic Apprentice who deserves some recognition, we’d love to share their story!

Please send your nomination (around 200 words) to

Nominations are open until the 23rd of each month. Any nominations we receive after this date will be considered for the next award.