A Specialist Digital & IT Training Provider

As a specialist provider of digital and IT apprenticeships, we collaborate with businesses to shape the future of the region’s digital landscape. We are an award-winning apprenticeship training provider, with offices in Newcastle upon Tyne, County Durham and Middlesbrough.  

At Baltic, our work is driven by three core aims: To innovate, educate and collaborate. Through these, we strive to broaden access to tech apprenticeships, address emerging recruitment needs, and close the digital skills gap. 

Through our apprenticeship training, we equip great people with the skills they need to thrive in a digital career. Our programmes include cyber security, data, digital marketing, IT infrastructure, and software development.


Grow Your Team: Recruit an Apprentice

At Baltic Apprenticeships, we can help you identify new talent, grow your team, and close the North East’s digital skills gap.

The benefits of apprenticeships for employers are endless. Through hiring an apprentice, you can bridge the skills gap of your organisation and activate a cost-effective route to grow and develop a qualified workforce.

Whether it be IT, software developer, data technician or digital marketing course, all apprentices are provided with full training and embedded with the skills which are needed to succeed in their role.

Our employers range from large multinationals to small and medium sized companies who operate on a local level. If you are wondering how to recruit an apprentice, our expert team make the whole process as simple as possible, giving you more time to focus on your business.

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Develop your Team: Training for Employees

Now, more than ever, workforce development is at the forefront of business strategy. Apprenticeships can equip your team with next-level skills and tools to help elevate your organisation.  

As a training provider in the North East, our level 4 apprenticeship programmes offer the perfect opportunity for the training and development of your staff. Our Marketing Executive, Data Analyst, Cyber Security and Network Engineering courses deliver up-to-date training to shape the next generation of tech experts within your organisation.

If you pay into the apprenticeship levy, training your current staff with IT or digital apprenticeships can be an excellent way to make the most of your funds, and is also a great method for boosting staff productivity, happiness and efficiency!

Apprenticeship Programmes


Why Choose Baltic?

At Baltic Apprenticeships, we are rooted in the North East and we’re doing our part to help the region thrive, helping local businesses create new North East jobs.

Our goal is to create 250 apprenticeship opportunities in the North East this year.

Whether you’re looking to recruit an apprentice, develop your team, or develop a digital skills strategy for your organisation, our team are happy to help.

From Hartlepool to Hexham, Darlington to Durham, Sunderland to Sedgefield, and Newton Aycliffe to Newcastle, it is people who drive the North East economy. Invest in your people and discover the benefits of employing an apprentice.


If you're an employer looking to train an existing member of your team, or if you're looking to recruit an apprentice, then speak to one of our specialist advisors.