Marketing Executive Course Summary

Advanced skills to optimise your marketing performance.

Our Level 4 Marketing Executive apprenticeship provides a comprehensive training plan for marketing professionals looking to build new skills, broaden their understanding, and grasp the theory underpinning effective marketing strategies.

This Level 4 qualification teaches people how to apply marketing theory, understand audience behaviour, perform market research, and use data to optimise campaigns.

We combine technical training with work-based projects to deepen understanding and produce tangible business impact.

This engaging course is designed around Apprenticeship Standards set by industry leaders and meets the requirements for registration as an Affiliate Member with the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

For more information on our technical training, course structure, and available support, download our detailed programme outline.

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The technical training courses cover all the knowledge, skills and behaviours required by the Apprenticeship Standard. Our training is delivered by subject specialists via our SMART Classroom learning environment.

Course 1: Marketing Concepts & Theories

This course is designed to build a strong understanding of the key concepts that drive all marketing activity, including the marketing mix, brand management and stakeholder management.

Course 2: Business Understanding and Commercial Awareness

This course focuses on how marketing can help fulfil business objectives, deepening an understanding of the role marketing plays within specific organisations and wider industries. This training includes understanding target audiences, the buyer decision process, and the legal and ethical frameworks for marketing activity.

Course 3: Market Research

In this course, marketers will investigate the principles behind effective market research, explore how this influences marketing activity, and develop skills in a range of data-driven research techniques to optimise campaigns.

Course 4: Products & Channels

This course expands learners’ understanding of the modern marketing landscape, exploring the uses of different marketing channels alongside product and service development. This training covers digital marketing channels, offline marketing, and routes to market.

EPA Preparation: Implementing Marketing Methodologies

This practice-based course is delivered towards the end of the apprenticeship programme to help learners effectively prepare for their End Point Assessment. In this course, learners apply the knowledge, skills, and behaviours they have acquired across the duration of their apprenticeship.


Alongside our formal technical training courses, Baltic apprentices are supported to implement their knowledge, skills, and behaviours within their job role. Through a mix of workplace projects and Learning Mentor support sessions, apprentices will learn to put their skills into practice and create measurable impact within your team.

Workplace Projects

Apprentices will complete a range of marketing projects throughout their apprenticeship, aligned to their job role and your business needs.

Learners will be set 7 Workplace Projects around the following topics:

  • Audience research
  • Creating social media content
  • Identifying marketing opportunities
  • Online and offline campaigns (x2)
  • Producing creative copy
  • Evaluating personal development

Learning Mentor Support

Throughout a Baltic Apprenticeship, our apprentices are supported by a dedicated Learning Mentor. Our Learning Mentors conduct regular one-to-one review sessions throughout the programme, providing targeted personal support to set learners up for success.

End Point Assessment (EPA)

The End Point Assessment is the final stage of the apprenticeship programme and is conducted by an independent assessor. The EPA includes a multiple choice knowledge test, a substantial work-based project, and a professional discussion.


Roles, Duties & Responsibilities

Workplace Curriculum

To achieve this qualification, learners are expected to build relevant knowledge and experience within their job role, planning and implementing marketing campaigns. The Workplace Curriculum summarises the duties and responsibilities a Marketing Executive should take on in the workplace to meet the Apprenticeship Standard and succeed on the programme.

Download the Workplace Curriculum below to see how this programme may fit in with your team.

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Further Information

Programme Outline

Our Level 4 professional development programme creates expert marketers with advanced skills and strategic insight.

For more information on the training methods and support we offer, download the full programme guide below

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If you’re looking to invest in professional development for your marketing team, or want to find out more about how apprenticeships could work for your organisation, please get in touch and speak to one of our friendly specialist advisors.