Level 3 Network Technician Course Summary

Grow your own expert Network Technician.

Networks provide the foundations of productivity: connecting people, systems and data within all sectors of industry. Whether you use cabled networks or cloud services, the demand for skilled professionals to install, manage and maintain these networks is high and ever-increasing. 

In this Level 3 apprenticeship, we teach people to install, configure, and manage IT networks, keeping your users connected and secure.

This programme is built around the Level 3 Information Communications Technician Apprenticeship Standard, delivering specialist training for junior Network Technicians.

Our apprenticeship develops practical skills around cabled and cloud networks, going beyond the Apprenticeship Standard to accelerate knowledge of Linux, Microsoft Azure, and IT security to create an exceptional Network Technician.

For more information on our technical training, course structure and available support, download our detailed programme outline.

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These essential courses equip our apprentices with a strong understanding of network technologies and the wider IT support landscape. Our hands-on approach embeds the core skills needed to thrive in a Network Technician role.

Course 1: Cisco IT Essentials (Parts 1 & 2)

This two-part course provides the fundamental skills for a successful career in IT. This wide-ranging training includes identifying common security threats, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting devices, and critical thinking approaches to problem solving.

Course 2: Microsoft Networking Fundamentals

This hands-on training develops a strong understanding of network infrastructure and management, covering network management tools, hardware, and network protocols and services.

Course 3: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

Cloud services are the future of IT networks. This course offers a deep dive into cloud services and Microsoft's Azure platform. This course includes virtual labs in Azure networking, storage, application support and development, putting theory into practice.

Course 4: Microsoft Server Fundamentals

Server management and maintenance is an essential part of a Network Technician's role. This course builds knowledge and experience with Windows Server administration and Windows-based networking, covering server installation, storage, and performance management.


After completing the core training, learners will expand their knowledge and take their skills beyond the Apprenticeship Standard through our additional specialist courses:

Cisco Academy: Linux Unhatched

This self-paced course offers an exciting introduction to Linux. This course covers the basics of Linux installation and configuration with hands-on learning labs using virtual machines.

Cisco Academy: Linux Essentials

Building on the basics of Linux Unhatched, this course takes Linux training to the next level. The course focuses on command line activities to develop a working understanding of this versatile open-source system.

Cisco Academy: Network Essentials

This self-paced course gives learners the opportunity to build on their practical networking skills, practice verification and troubleshooting, and explore solutions to network security threats.


In the second half of the programme, we focus on the practical implementation of knowledge and technical skills. Through a mix of competency workshops and workplace projects, apprentices will put their fresh skills into practice in the workplace.

Workplace Projects

Apprentice Network Technicians will complete three workplace projects, based around network maintenance and troubleshooting activity within their job role. These projects will form a robust portfolio of evidence, which is discussed at the End Point Assessment.

Competency Workshops

Our specialist Technical Skills Coaches will support and prepare learners for the workplace projects through three competency workshops. These training days enable learners to apply their knowledge to their working environment and current projects.

EPA Preparation: Implementing IT Methodologies

This course brings together the knowledge, skills, and behaviours embedded throughout the apprenticeship programme and helps learners prepare for their End Point Assessment.


Roles, Duties & Responsibilities


To achieve this qualification, apprentices are expected to build relevant experience and knowledge within their job role, working closely with IT networks. The Workplace Curriculum outlines the duties and responsibilities your apprentice should take on at work to succeed on the programme.

Download the Workplace Curriculum below to see how an apprentice Network Technician may fit into your team.

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Further Information

Programme Outline

Our apprenticeship develops practical skills around cabled and cloud networks, going beyond the Apprenticeship Standard to accelerate knowledge of Linux, Microsoft Azure, and IT security to create an exceptional Network professional. 

For more information on the modules, training approach and support, download the full programme guide below. 

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