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Chester based Prodo are a full service digital marketing agency who have recently taken on their first Baltic apprentice. We caught up with their Head of Projects & Development, Ant Morris, to get his first impressions of working with Baltic.

What made you want to take on an apprentice?

We’ve had apprentices in the past and they’ve turned into really good people to have within the business. It’s been a great way to bring talent into our organisation.

What are your opinions on our SMART Classroom training?

It’s beneficial for us in terms of the apprentice being in the office more and having to travel less. It’s a bit swifter and more work focused than some other methods.

How has your experience of working with Baltic been so far?

It’s been great - I’ve had no issues. I’ve been working with Amanda who’s been very personable and informative. She’s made the whole process very slick and easy. From an account management perspective, it’s been a really positive experience for Prodo.

What impact do you think apprentices have on a business?

I’m glad the government is investing in apprenticeships. It’s an economic way of working and a positive method for bringing new people into a business. Apprentices we’ve had in the past have turned into fully competent members of staff.

I went down an academic route, but I can’t overstate the importance of having practical experience. I think once people turn 16 they need to get that experience. Thinking back, when you’re at that stage in your life, it makes sense to gain an understanding of the world and become more mature. An apprenticeship is a great way to do that.

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