"I think very simply that it’s a fantastic way to enable your business to develop and grow, and also to help local young people who want to better themselves."

Redditch-based Handsam are the leading experts in education compliance management. Managing Director, Simon Lowe, tells us all about how taking on apprentices has proved valuable to the company.  

How has taking on an apprentice impacted on your organisation?

I think very simply that it’s a fantastic way to enable your business to develop and grow, and also to help local young people who want to better themselves.

What made you want to take on an apprentice?

It’s a combination of the need for more hands on deck and the opportunities that apprenticeships offer. Firstly, to the person concerned, it’s an opportunity to gain some skills. Secondly, it’s an opportunity for someone like us to train someone the way we want to do things, from a relatively young age and with the support of government funding.

How have you seen Joshua’s skills improve over the course of his apprenticeship?

In terms of technical skills, he has been through the programme and learned a lot. He has recently rewritten something which he had done in his first month here and 12 months on he said he knows so much more. While there was nothing wrong with his work back then, it wasn’t as good as he could make it now.

Has there been a shift in his responsibilities as well?

Yes, we have offered him a full time job now that he has passed his apprenticeship. This was because of the yearlong positive experience which we have had with him. It’s not only the work, it’s also the element of how he interacts with other people, which I know is covered during the apprenticeship and I think is just as important.

He is now moving onto the Level 4 programme as part of his continual development which he was very keen to do. I think he will probably have a bit more opportunity to work on his own.

What is your opinion on how our training is delivered via Smart Classroom?

Very positive. The other apprentices which we have in client support need to travel and they find that takes up time. Obviously, because of the nature of this apprenticeship, you can do everything online and it actually really helped.

Has Joshua been enjoying his training?

Yes, very much so. He found there was a module on PHP that he particularly enjoyed. So the training is very good. 

How has your experience been working with us so far?

We would certainly recommend Baltic Apprenticeships because the training you have delivered has proven to be exactly what we needed for the apprentice and the relationship has been very good.

What did you think about the recruitment process?

It was quite interesting for us as it did take quite a while to find Josh, but the point was that we did find him and the process came out trumps in the end.

It is crucial to take the time to find the right fit. In the interview Josh showed technical ability and willingness to learn. Quite quickly once he had taken the post, it became obvious that he was going to get along with everyone as well.

Take time to find the right person and you won’t go wrong!

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