Craig Tomlinson - Tuffnells



"I’m glad I made the decision to go with this apprenticeship and I’m sure it will help me get far in the future."

What were you doing before your apprenticeship began?

I was at Hillsborough College studying a Level 3 Science BTEC, but I decided it wasn’t for me so looked into an apprenticeship instead.

Why did you decide the apprenticeship route was the right route for you?

I decided that while gaining work experience I’d also be gaining qualifications and gaining experience in IT systems in the real world and how they’re used, rather than having it all done in a classroom. Overall a good experience with Baltic Apprenticeships and Tuffnells, so far. I’m glad I made the decision to go with this apprenticeship and I’m sure it will help me get far in the future. I also look forward to my next training courses I have booked with Baltic Apprenticeships.

Please detail your views on the quality of service/training programmes provided to you by Baltic Apprenticeships.

Training courses I’ve been on so far have been good. All relevant content which I know has helped me and will help me. I did have a couple of issues in the Comp TIA A+ course with the labs but we eventually got round it eventually. Otherwise all good and no problems with them. 

Please can you detail the specific contribution your employer has made to your apprenticeship, including any support or extra resources they have provided?

I have been given opportunities for extra training in our own systems which is being looked into now. I have also been provided with a knowledge base document which will guide me through certain issues, in case I forget.

Please outline the specific benefits of your apprenticeship with this particular employer.

At my workplace we have three different lines within the Technical Support department. Having these different lines has gotten me used to properly escalating calls to the right line depending on what the issue is. By doing this it’s gotten me used to obtaining the correct information from whoever it is I have spoken to.

Would you recommend completing an apprenticeship with Baltic Apprenticeships to a friend?

I have already recommended Baltic Apprenticeships to a friend who was looking for an IT apprenticeship! He has looked into it a lot recently around Sheffield and I told him how Baltic Apprenticeships worked, so he’s now looking into an apprenticeship through you!