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How has taking on apprentices impacted your organisation?

Clever IT has always been a strong advocate for apprenticeships in IT. We believe that managed services is the perfect environment to develop strong, dynamic talent.

How have you seen Jack's skills and responsibilities change since he started on his apprenticeship?

Jack has grown in many ways, he’s grown in confidence but also in his skill set thanks to Baltic and our own endeavours. Jack is much more commercially aware and always delivers a great experience both internally to our staff and externally to our clients. Simply put, Jack rarely disappoints.

What made you want to progress him onto a Level 4 programme?

Jack developed well with the Level 3, he filled gaps in his knowledge and enjoyed the development cycle with Baltic. We all felt he was best served continuing with Baltic and continuing to grow and develop together.

How has your experience working with Baltic been so far?

Baltic has easily been one of the easiest training providers to work with. The staff are great, they make everything very easy and I really enjoy speaking with all members of the team. Ultimately, we are here to deliver results and Baltic do that. You make the process simple and hugely effective.

What are your opinions of our SMART Classroom training delivery method?

It works really well, it gives Jack a further opportunity to be educated, whilst still doing the work within our offices. It’s important to keep his continuity and keep him on track.

The SMART classroom works really well as he can collaborate with other apprentices, as well as with the lecturers on the course. Jack has shown time and time again that he is able to assist his fellow apprentices with his level of knowledge and experience.

Any further comments you would like to add?

I’d just like to say that I’ve enjoyed every interaction with Baltic. You’re all amazing and I’m grateful to work with a company so passionate and dedicated to the development of others.

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