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Every cloud has a silver lining!

I was made redundant with a previous Training provider but, by chance, was recruited by Baltic staff to work for them!

BSC Physics and a qualified Teacher.

I have a series of IT qualifications based around CompTIA, Microsoft and ITIL computing subjects (networking, project management, ITL).

Previous jobs were spent either teaching or as a Support Consultant for primary and secondary schools in Warks, Bucks, Berks and Oxon, supporting their management systems!

Previous to this, I’d lived and worked in some far flung places like PR China, New Zealand and USA (east and west coasts).

Working at Baltic


I’ve been at Baltic for over 5 and half years! How time flies. In that time I’ve become a Consultant Trainer and I deliver mostly in the Level 4 subject areas but have been known to dabble on the other side of the fence too (that’s Software Applications!)

Every time I deliver, I always try and taste the current trends and what’s currently ‘flavour of the month’ by chatting with the apprentices and including their experience in what I deliver. Everyone’s a winner!

The role has changed along with what subjects we deliver. I thank Baltic for allowing me to learn/research/deliver new subjects that our apprentices are currently working in as it keeps me fresh and every day is always different.

Nowadays we offer some very relevant courses with vendor exams for extra value added content.

I’ve been lucky so far that my current observation grading is 1!

#1 Item on Bucket List

Hmmm… I’m 50 next year so always fancied stock car racing or walking to base camp, Mount Everest. However, I’d love to hit a backhand like Roger Federer!!

Other than that, my 2.5 year old son is keeping me entertained with his own shenanigans so I suppose that every day is adventurous right now!

Interesting Fact

Hmm…. If you go back to a recording over ‘The Ricki Lake Show’, November 1998, you might see me in the audience laughing hysterically at the subject matter and the whole episode!

Greatest Achievement

Being observed externally and internally and keeping at a observation grade 1 is what I’m happiest about.

Hard to reach but even harder to keep!

Hobbies and Interests

You name it sports-wise, I’ll play it… anytime, anywhere, inside, outside, hot or cold… I’m there!

Observation Grade


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