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I started working for Baltic in March 2015. I had left school and attended Sixth form for 6 short months, however, felt it wasn’t for me. I started my searching looking for an Apprenticeship in Marketing. I was recruited to work for Baltic Training’s sister company New Horizons, however, was based in the Marketing team for Baltic Training. I spent a lot of time getting to know my role and spent time working on Baltic Training’s marketing as well as New Horizons. I then progressed on to my Level 4 Digital Marketing Apprenticeship. Once I had completed this, I then progressed into a Junior Assessor where I am able to help other apprentices through their apprenticeship. Due to my experience of being an apprentice myself, I find this very beneficial to my role now.

My qualifications since leaving school are:

Education & Training

L3 & L4 Social media & Digital Marketing

Working at Baltic

I have now been working for Baltic for nearly 4 years.

My roles and responsibilities within my job role are ensuring all my caseload are on the right track to progressing and completing timely. Ensure learners get inducted and all induction paperwork completed correctly. I also deliver workshops for framework apprenticeships, in order to help them complete elements of their diploma units. Additionally I mark framework statements and mark workshops, to ensure that learners have hit what is required.

The thing I enjoy most about my role is that every day is different and I speak to many different people each day.

#1 Item on Bucket List

One item on my bucket list is to travel to the Maldives before I am 30.

Interesting Fact

I am currently the youngest assessor at Baltic Training, I have six siblings and I am currently an auntie 9x.

Greatest Achievement

My greatest achievement is at the age of 20, I have my own home, have the cutest puppy and drive an Audi Q3, additionally, I have a rewarding job.

Hobbies and Interests

I like socialising with my friends and spending time with my family.

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