Natalie Ellwood - Senior Assessor


[Trainers and Assessors]

I had been working in education for a little while and used to teach English in secondary schools and had previously worked as support for SEN. My primary degree is English with a follow up teaching qualification, I was in between roles when Baltic was advertised and I saw the role for a junior assessor, after reading the skills required and delivery I decided it would be the ideal role to enhance my skillset (in terms of IT) and to utilise my teaching for the delivery.

While I was studying for both degrees I worked as a waitress for 8 years which gave me a lot of people skills and actually improved my behaviour management due to being a supervisor of a team of young people and I do feel that skills learned on this job and my training helped with my teaching overall.

Working at Baltic

I have been with Baltic since February 2017, I am currently a senior assessor but initially started as a junior and progress to an assessor and then to my current role.

My role involves speaking to my caseload of learners every 6 weeks during our reviews and catching up with them about what they have been doing, the work they have been completing and how they are progressing on their apprenticeship. During these calls I set them work to complete and deadlines and we discuss ideas for upcoming plans linking to their role. I also look over my learners work and ensure that I am giving them the best advice possible to get the best work possible for their end portfolio. I also offer support to my learners outside of my reviews and act as a constant support throughout their apprenticeship.

I enjoy catching up with my learners and learning about what they do, it’s always interesting to talk to learners in all different industries. I also love seeing my learners achieve their apprenticeships and get the best grade possible and progress when possible as it really makes everything you do worthwhile. I thoroughly enjoy my job and love that I actually have a job that I look forward to doing- as cliché as that may sound!

My favourite memory working here is getting my first outstanding observation as a junior assessor, I have been observed throughout teaching but to get an outstanding so new into my role was a fantastic achievement.

My role has changed a lot since starting, as a junior I was responsible for delivering workshops to learners both online live and in person. I also used to deliver inductions and mark work as part of my role alongside being the assessor for a caseload of 30 learners. From here I became an assessor and saw my caseload more than double and this became my sole role/focus. I then progressed being an assessor and supporting a larger caseload and adapted to changes to the programmes and apprenticeships with the introduction of Standards and this has really developed my skills and enabled me to progress into a senior assessor.

#1 Item on Bucket List

I would love to spend Christmas in New York.

Interesting Fact

I have never been on an aeroplane and I am due to have my first holiday abroad at the end of November, only took my 26 years!

Greatest Achievement

I would say achieving 4 Outstanding observations during my time at Baltic has been a massive achievement. I have also been a little critical of my skills and a couple of years ago doubted my skills so to have achieved 4 consecutive Outstanding gradings this is something that stands out for me.

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy going out with my friends, going to the cinema and socialising in general. (pretty boring/normal stuff)

Observation Grade


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