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I was looking for a job in the North East that would allow me to train and get started in hopefully long term career. I was looking at a different advert when the Baltic vacancy came up on my lap top - it caught my attention straight away as I have experience in education and the was so friendly. I immediately began writing my application and now here I am!

I have a BA in English Language and Creative Writing, Joint Honours (2:1) for York St John University. I am also currently completing my final year dissertation for an MA in English Literature at the University of Leeds.

As a teenager and university student I worked in retail for four years, first at Dixon's Milk Ices (if you ever visit Huddersfield, this is genuinely the best ice cream in the world), and then I moved on to Sainsburys in York. These job roles were my first insight into the workplace and taught me valuable lessons in communication, professionalism, improved my people skills and above all enhanced my confidence.After university I spent 3 months in America as a Unit Leader at Sandy Ridge Girl Scout Camp, South Carolina. I organised this secretly so that I could surprise my family and paid for it all myself. This was a huge undertaking as I was completing my dissertation at the time, I had to take part in interviews, organise a trip to the embassy in London for my work Visa and organise all of my flights which I had never done before. When I came back from America I volunteered in a local care home until I was offered a job in a primary school. I was taken on as a 'Graduate Professional' which meant I supported in class, lead clubs, delivered interventions and acted as a cover teacher across the entire school. I was faced with a number of challenging situations in this job, but the rapport with students and seeing them achieve made the challenges worthwhile.

As well as my degrees, I have a CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) which I completed in the summer before my third year at university.As an English Graduate I would say that my biggest strengths are in reading and writing.

Working at Baltic

I started working for Baltic in August 2019.

As a learning mentor I spend much of my time shadowing my team and familiarising myself with the day-to-day routine of supporting learners. I am generally found researching assessment plans, practicing marking and writing up reviews in preparation for getting my first learners.

When I first saw the vacancy at Baltic, I was open to trying any new opportunity that might arise as I didn't have any specific training at that time. The advert was really friendly and emphasised the supportive nature of Baltic and the job description sounded like something that I would be able to do well and enjoy. I researched the company online which only made me feel more enthusiastic about the culture at Baltic.

I am most looking forward to seeing my learners complete their apprenticeships and achieve in their job roles. I'm also looking forward to becoming confident in my own role, improving my IT knowledge and feel productive every day.

#1 Item on Bucket List

This would be either to write my own book / have one of my essays published, or go white-water rafting through the Grand Canyon. Preferably all of the above...and a dog.

Interesting Fact

When I was four I was in an episode of the Teletubbies with my dad.

Greatest Achievement

Probably being accepted onto my MA course. Leeds is a competitive university to get into as it is part of the Russell Group and I hadn't studied literature since my GCSE's. Despite this I have been able to keep up with post-graduate level modules and engage with other students that have been consistently studying literature throughout college and university.

Hobbies and Interests

 spend a lot of my time reading, pretty much anything I can - however my favourite author is Cormac McCarthy. I have competed in tennis since I was four years old and this is something I keep up to as much as possible. I often bake cakes, paint and almost always have music or a podcast playing in the background.

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