Gordon Tomlinson - Consultant Assessor


[Trainers and Assessors]

I decided I needed a new direction and Baltic was the place that ticked the box. 

Previously I have worked in Electronics/Electrical and as a Computer Technician Assessor in Electrical Installation Lecturer in ICT FE Tutor for Infrastructure Technician Training Center.

I have a Cert EdD32D33D34, Electrical Installation L3, Electronics L3, RAE L2, IT Practitioners L3, Computer Maintenance L2 Morse 12 WPM.

Working at Baltic

I have been at Baltic for around 4 weeks. I am a Consultant Assessor. 

I wanted to work for Baltic because of the innovative way the assessments are delivered online. And the culture from what I could see was different to what I was used to previously.

I am looking forward to getting to grips with the systems and getting the learners to achieve.

#1 Item on Bucket List

To play guitar with Mark Knopfler.

Interesting Fact

I taught Reg Smithies ICT in a classroom for 6 months knowing I knew him from somewhere, but didn't realise he was the lead guitarist in the Chameleons. 

Greatest Achievement

My Kids.

Hobbies and Interests

I play Acoustic Guitar, and Electric Guitar, mostly Pink Floyd and Dire Straits along with some Stones. I eat, breath, and sleep computer technology. I love History and Manchester United. I build custom gaming machines for people in my spare time and still repair and Modify Electronic Devices.

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