David Miller - Consultant Assessor


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I’m a qualified secondary school teacher and was teaching IT courses in a male prison before Baltic. As you can imagine, that environment isn’t for everyone. I wanted a more rewarding role, and always wanted to be an assessor so joining Baltic was the perfect opportunity for me as they trained me as an assessor and I get to help young people start their careers – what’s more rewarding than that!

Working at Baltic

I’ve been at Baltic for 2 1/2 years now. I started as an assessor, and after a year and a half I was promoted to senior assessor. Exactly one year later I’ve been promoted again to consultant assessor, which means I’m now one of the go-to members of the team to support my colleagues in their role.

I have been rated “Outstanding” in my last 3 observations which I’m very proud of.

The biggest way my role has changed since starting is that all of my learner contact is now done via hi-tech webinar instead of the boring old phone! It’s much more engaging and helpful for learners through screen-sharing!

#1 Item on Bucket List

Visit New Zealand. I think the country looks beautiful and it’s the place to be for all of the traditional bucket list adrenaline rushes!

Interesting Fact

I look like the guy off the top cashback advert, and also Cord Hosenbeck (google them both and you will get the picture!)

Greatest Achievement

Working my way up from Assessor to Consultant Assessor in the space of 2 1/2 years.

Hobbies and Interests

All the nerdy things really! Gaming, tabletop games and tech. Really enjoying rock climbing at the minute, which was reignited by a free team building day there with Baltic recently!

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