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I completed a Level 3 Social Media & Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with Baltic Training being my training provider. Six months after I completed the qualification, my assessor from Baltic made me aware that there was a position open for a junior role – she advised this is something which would suit my skill set. I applied for it, interviewed a few days later and was offered the job on the same day.

In the early years, my education related to accountancy and I had achieved my first level of becoming an accountant – AAT. Following this I focused on my IT knowledge and pursued a career in IT. I completed A Levels in Networking, Software Development and Marketing, focusing on the software and marketing side after leaving colleague.

I have CCNA qualifications, further marketing qualifications and a number of MTA certificates such as HTML5, Networking and Mobility & Device.

Since leaving school, I have worked in a number of roles and industries, this has helped me gain my “Triangle of success” – Finance, customer service and marketing.  I have worked in a finance office, chartered accountants, a call centre and warehouse simultaneously while at college, hotel & spa and finally Baltic Training.

My skills relate to networking, digital marketing, web development, software development and customer service / hospitality – I completed tasks relating to the prior in all of my job roles.

Working at Baltic

I started working for Baltic Training in November 2015, following on from my level 3 apprenticeship. My role as a Technical Trainer is to follow awarding body standards in meeting a range of criteria for the learners to get their qualification – either exam or assignment based.

I am responsible for completing technical training for IT Infrastructure, software development, web development and digital marketing – both level 3 and level 4. Along with the prior, I invigilate the exams across the country and ensure the correct procedures are followed for exam competencies. Finally, my role includes supporting with curriculum and content creation for the courses and marking work if required.

I enjoy getting to know the learners and to understand their roles in their business. My satisfaction with working for Baltic is by inspiring our learners in the career paths they have chosen and to teach them something new of which will be taken into industry.

I have many fond memories while working at the company. There are two however which stand out for me. The first is winning Trainer of the year within my first year of delivery for the company. The second is really making a difference to people’s careers and inspiring the learners on the content we deliver.

I have worked with a number of students who have stated how much of an impact my training has had on their development and also how what I covered has given them the drive to keep learning and to continue in the industry they have chosen – that’s why I do this job.

Since starting at Baltic my role has changed dramatically, I started as a Junior Assessor and then became an Assessor / Programme Facilitator. Within that role I completed face to face reviews with the learners towards their qualification competencies, that changed to Online Live during my time there.  After 18 months in the role, I became a Junior Trainer for the company and following that promoted to a Technical Trainer. We primarily focused on the framework side of things and completed assignment, within the last 12 months that has now changed to exams and invigilation.

#1 Item on Bucket List

Travel and see the wonders of the world, along with attempt Mt. Everest.

Interesting Fact

I am known as the trainer who tells bad jokes, in most – if not all – situations I can make a pun or tell a good dad joke.

“Some say Rick Astley will let you borrow any of his Pixar collection DVD’s, but he will never give you Up”

Greatest Achievement

My greatest achievement is winning Trainer of the year for the company within my first year of delivering technical courses.

Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies include reading, running, golf, watching the great Newcastle United and also films – I love a good comedy! I’m known as a mini Martin Lewis with my financial advice and although that isn’t a hobby, it is an interest following my financial background.

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