Chris Mitchell - Junior Assessor


[Trainers and Assessors]


I originally started working for Baltic after working as a hotel receptionist. As part of my role as a receptionist I looked after a few of the apprentices in different departments and monitored their progress. Doing this alongside my academic studies allowed me to gain an understanding into how apprenticeships worked. Finding this was the most rewarding part of my role in the hotel I applied to the position of Training and Assessment support officer with Baltic training.

I am a keen believer in bettering yourself through education, currently I have a master’s degree in human resources and an undergraduate degree in international business management. As part of my undergraduate degree is spent a year studying in Germany, which was a personal highlight of my academic life. Who doesn’t love beer and football?

Working at Baltic

I have been at Baltic since the start of 2019, and have loved every minute of it. The culture and support from everyone here is fantastic.

My roles and responsibilities as a junior member of the team are fairly limited. This is due to me undertaking training courses to enable me to take a higher workload of learners. As a training and assessment support officer my role is to look after a small caseload of learners with the assessment side of their apprenticeship as well as going out for testing around the country.

The favourite part of my role is the opportunity to learn as much as possible through both internal and external training.

My favourite memory at Baltic has to be our managing director’s trips around the office, what other company’s MD would walk about with a bucket full of cream eggs making everyone take one. Not only this but then telling me how he’s made it in life because he has remote controlled blinds.

#1 Item on Bucket List

Skydiving, as someone who is terrified of planes I think this would be the most difficult yet rewarding thing I could. P.s I’m only scared of planes because I watched loads of episodes of air crash investigation.

Interesting Fact

I’m a twin.

Greatest Achievement

My greatest achievement would be creating an international football league in Germany during my time studying there. Me and my housemate did this as we noticed a massive amount of international students and refugees who struggled to play football in the university leagues as there was a long administration process.

Hobbies and Interests

My main interest is playing football for a local football team (Yarm Athletic FC). As one of the founders of the club its been quality to watch us grow from barely 11 players to a squad of 35.

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