Adam Spence - Support Officer


[Trainers and Assessors]

I started out as an apprentice at the Sunderland centre when apprenticeships were classroom-based over a 6 month period, at the end of the apprenticeship I received two offers, one from Siemens in Durham and the other for the role I accepted at Baltic.

I have been to school and college, with my main focus on IT qualifications. I have had previous roles as a Technical marker, Junior Trainer, Training and Assessment Support Officer. 

My qualifications are Cisco IT Essentials, CompTIA A+PTTLS, C&G L3 ICT Systems, and Principles for Advanced Apprentices, L3 Diploma ICT Professional Competence and MTA Networking Fundamentals.

Working at Baltic

I left the business for a brief period in 2012, but all in all, it's around 8 years in total.

My role consists of marking IT Pro L4 assignments, assisting assessors with assessment plan marking, invigilation for on-location and remote-based exams and recently I've moved into IQA.

Over the past year or so it has been good to get out and visit different areas of the country, meeting our apprentices when they are doing their exams and seeing the joy (or relief) they have when passing an exam.

My favourite memory would have to be winning a couple of prizes, considering how few events I've attended (something I need to work on).

My role has changed massively due to how apprenticeships are now being delivered. When I first started nearly all of the apprenticeship was focused around assignment work, so the number of assignments coming in weekly was much greater and they would simply be marked against a grading sheet. We were then required to offer feedback on the assignments for the learners to develop, this slowed down the process but meant the learners were getting meaningful reports on their work where issues could be addressed. I briefly moved into a training role but decided it wasn't for me, and since then I've continued to mark although the number of assignments has dropped considerably with the new standards. I've also been invigilating our on location and remote-based exams for around a year and a half now with some one to one sessions where additional support is required. Recently I have shifted over to the assessment side of the business, looking at the assessment plans and from this week, starting to IQA.

#1 Item on Bucket List

I'd quite like to visit South America, Peru in particular with a newfound interest in shamanism.

Interesting Fact

I have a birthmark above my right eyebrow that skips a generation.

Greatest Achievement

Professionally it would be achieving the IT qualification I'd originally set out for to get me into employment, although a slight regret in not progressing on to University. Outside of work, I would say buying my first home and the work that's gone into it in the first 10 months.

Hobbies and Interests

Football has always been an interest since an early age, playing and watching the game wherever possible (not so much now). House music and the never-ending search for that next track has been a thing for the past 10 years. I've recently took up an interest in woodwork, with space in the garage and tools set up to make or restore things like plant boxes or furniture.

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