Your apprenticeship journey

Written on: 11 June 2019

Written by: Amanda McCombie



A Level 3 apprenticeship programme is over a duration of 12-15 months. During this time, you will complete technical training, exams, reviews and assessments. Every apprenticeship experience is different, but here is an overview of what you can expect throughout your time on programme.


Roughly two weeks after your start date, you will complete an apprenticeship induction. Delivered via Online Live, this is where you will complete your introduction to the programme, finish any paperwork and get to know more about Baltic.

Technical training

Every 5-8 weeks throughout your apprenticeship, you will attend a 1-week training course which will cover one of the modules for your programme. The training will be delivered via Online Live and you will be expected to attend from the workplace or from home. Baltic will issue you a headset which you will need to use to interact with your trainer and other apprentices whilst on training. Some modules will require exams, which your trainer will prepare you for.

On-the-job training

As well as attending technical training, you will also complete tasks whilst on the job with the support of your employer. This practical experience will complement your technical training to enhance your knowledge and develop your skills.

Review calls (Every 6 weeks)

Following your induction you will attend regular review calls with your assessor, these will be scheduled for every 6 weeks and will be your opportunity to discuss your training, assessment plans and track your progress. You will also receive feedback on previous submissions, as well as feedback from your trainers about your performance while on training.

End Point Assessment

Towards the end of your time on the programme you will start to prepare for your End Point Assessment. This is the final stage of your apprenticeship and comprises of the following stages:

A Summative Portfolio – This is produced towards the end of the apprenticeship and contains evidence of real world projects, as well as a reflective account of your training.

An Employer Reference - Your employer will provide feedback on your skills, attributes and behaviours that link to the summative portfolio.

Synoptic Project - You will undertake a business related project over a one week period away from your day to day role.

Interview - A structured interview with an assessor exploring what has been produced in your portfolio and project, as well as looking at how it has been produced.

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