World Meditation Day 2022

Written on: 20 May 2022

Written by: Anna Peart



Saturday 21st May 2022 is World Meditation Day – has there ever been a better time to begin practising a mindfulness technique that been proven to improve mental wellbeing?

For someone who has never practiced meditation, the thought of it can be daunting, but dedicating just 10 minutes a day to meditation and mindfulness can have a positive impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. According to Project Meditation, meditation improves anxiety levels 60% of the time.

In light of World Meditation Day, we’re joining the discussion to champion the different types of meditation, and highlight the multiple benefits of making time for mindfulness and meditation:

What is world meditation day?

World Meditation Day is celebrated on the 21th May every year and encourages everyone across the world to focus on themselves and their mindfulness.

Meditation is a great way to help you lead a happier, stress-free life inside and outside of the workplace – so we recommend that it’s something you should practice not only on World Meditation Day, but all year round!

What is meditation? 

Meditation is a technique that has been used for thousands of years to develop an awareness of the present moment. Different meditations can focus on different concerns such as stress reduction, being more present or even eating mindfully! The world of meditation is endless…

Here are a few of our favourite meditation PRACTIsES:


Mindfulness Meditation 

This is the most popular meditation technique. This practice combines concentration with awareness. It encourages you to become intensely aware of yourself, your surroundings and what you are feeling in the moment. This type of mediation is a great technique for people who don’t have access to meditation resources or an instructor as it can be easily practised alone. There are thousands of free resources on YouTube if you're new to meditation. 

Focused Meditation

Focused meditation embraces concentration using any of the five senses. This meditation technique is to help focus your attention and can be practised when you need a quick stress relief. If you struggle to focus for long periods of time or find it hard to concentrate on one task, this technique might be a good one for you! It’s purpose is to try and not let your mind wander.

This style of meditation requires you to focus all of your attention on either an object, sensation or a sound. By focusing on one thing for as long as possible, your normal thought process is slowed down and therefore, you instantly feel more relaxed.

Movement Meditation 

Movement meditation is a practise to energise the body and mind through various movements. This can include a variety of things such as walking, gardening, and yoga. During movement meditation, it’s important to take in your surroundings and be mindful of the sensations that occur during the movement. Moving meditation encourages deep relaxation and feelings of peace.

Mantra Meditation 

A mantra is a word or phrase that is repeated continuously during meditation. The aim of this technique is to help you focus as it aids in the slowing down of mental activity such as stress. This is a great technique if you don't enjoy long periods of silence, it helps you focus on specific words rather than the sound of your own breath.

WHat are the benefits of meditation? 

Gaining a new perspective in stressful situations 

Do you often feel pressure at work? Sometimes, taking a step away from your desk and completing a 10-minute meditation session can give you a completely new perspective on the stress-causing situation and help you think of a solution to reduce this stress.

Reducing negative emotions 

Meditation is able to produce a deep state of relaxation, during these negative feelings such as anxiety, stress and fatigue are reduced as you remove your focus from them. Ultimately, the aim of mediation is to improve overall health and happiness.

Enhances creativity 

An increasing amount of job vacancies are including creativity in their descriptions – and regular meditation can be really effective to channel your creativity! Google, Goldman Sachs, and Medtronic are among the many leading firms that have introduced meditation as a common practice to encourage creativity and inspire innovation.

how can meditation help with your apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a combination of full-time work and education, you’ll be splitting your time between your daily duties, apprenticeship training and assignments – which may seem overwhelming at first! We encourage all our apprentices to set aside 10 minutes to practice mindfulness and meditation techniques, and we provide resources which can help you get started.

At Baltic, all our apprentices are provided with free access to a Headspace account, an online resource hub packed with meditation material. If you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed at work, here are some of our favourite courses that can help:

What's next:

We hope this blog has provided you with the advice and guidance you need to take the first step and practise meditation techniques.

Join the discussion and share your thoughts on meditation by using the hashtag #WorldMeditationDay2022!

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