Why workplace activities are important

Written on: 25 July 2019

Written by: Freya King


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As a training provider, we feel a moral obligation to give all of our apprentices the opportunity to succeed in both their apprenticeship and their career. An essential part of this is our commitment to placing apprentices in roles that allow them to put their training into practice.

Before inducting learners onto our apprenticeships, we work with employers to create a comprehensive description of how the job role matches the programme they are enrolling onto. This is known as the workplace activities document.

Every role is different

We know that no two companies are the same, so before placing an apprentice, we like to find out how things are done within each of the employers that we work with. The workplace activities document should include specific examples of the kind of tasks an apprentice will be expected to carry out as part of their daily role. This will ensure that the training they receive is relevant.

Assessment plans

Throughout their programme, apprentices will need to complete assessment plans in order to evidence their learning. The examples provided in the workplace activities document will form the basis of the evidence they will use for these assessment plans.

We’re committed to giving our learners the opportunity to work towards achieving merit and distinction grades. To improve these chances, we need to have a solid understanding of the apprentice’s workplace activities from the very start.

End Point Assessment

In order to pass their apprenticeship, learners must complete an End Point Assessment, which consists of a summative portfolio, employer reference, synoptic project and interview. The success of this heavily relies on the apprentice having met the standard requirements for their chosen programme.

If an apprentice is unable to evidence how they have met these competencies as part of their role, they may fail at End Point Assessment. Detailed workplace activities will also make it easier for the employer to provide evidence for the EPA employer reference.

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