Why it’s invaluable to know the difference between leading and managing

Written on: 10 January 2019

Written by: Amanda McCombie



When it comes to managing and leading a team, there is of course a crossover. Managers do lead, and leaders do manage. But it is also very important to understand that these two ideas are very different, and these differences need to be recognised in order to develop a successful team.

Leadership inspires change, management manages transformation.

A leader must set a course of direction and inspire people to follow them, but there must be strong management in place to ensure the smooth running of any changes. It's the manager's job to oversee the work needed to implement these changes and look after the day to day.

Leadership requires vision, management requires tenacity.

A leader needs the ability and the foresight to envision what the business is to become. The manager, however, needs to think logically and determine strategies which will result in the leader’s vision being realised.

Leadership requires imagination, management requires specifics.

A great leader must be able to imagine and see what they wish to achieve, a manager must understand that vision and drive their teams to achieve the necessary results in order to accomplish what has been expressed.

Leadership requires ability to articulate, management requires ability to interpret.

A good leader can describe their vision in vivid detail to engage and inspire their organisation to pursue it. A good manager must interpret that stated vision and explain it in terms that their teams can understand and embrace.

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