What to expect on your assessor call

Written on: 28 May 2019

Written by: Amanda McCombie



At the start of your apprenticeship you will be allocated an assessor who will act as a mentor/coach throughout the duration of the programme. They will contact you every 6 weeks to discuss your progress, provide feedback and outline any work and assessment plans that are to be completed before the next scheduled contact. We encourage all managers and mentors to participate in reviews so they can keep up to date with your progress and help you with any future actions. 

Your achievements

These calls are positive; each one will start off with a discussion around your achievements so far. This could be exam success you have had since your last call, good feedback from your trainer or any personal achievements you are proud of since your last conversation. This is your chance to celebrate these achievements and discuss them with both your assessor and employer.

Employer feedback

There will also be an opportunity to discuss the comments left by your manager/mentor on your last review call and your progress on actions set out previously. This is also where your employer can discuss things they want you to focus on between now and your next review.

Your training

On all of your assessor calls, you will discuss any technical training you have completed, covering how the training went and any advice and guidance on how to prepare for your next training week.  When discussing the most recent training course, you may receive some feedback from the trainer who delivered the course. If the module required an exam, this will also be discussed.

Micro teach

Towards the end of the call, your assessor will introduce a micro teach which will cover various topics that could affect you as an apprentice. The topics can include:

Equality and diversity – These sessions aim to understand your knowledge of equality and diversity, and bullying and harassment.


Safeguarding – This session explores your understanding of Safeguarding, e-safety, privacy settings and the negative aspects of social media.


Prevent, radicalisation and extremism – This session explores your understanding of Prevent, radicalisation, extremism and British values.

Health and wellbeing – This session covers topics such as anxiety and depression, diet and exercise, and other factors that affect your health, i.e. drugs, alcohol and smoking. The reason for this session isn’t just to discuss these things in isolation, but to explore how they could be linked.

It is during these sessions that your assessor will ask if you have any concerns around your training, your role or your personal wellbeing.

Apprenticeship Commitment

In the final part of your call, you will discuss your commitment to your role, your training and any support you may need.

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