What is a synoptic project and how do I prepare for it?

Written on: 19 November 2019

Written by: Bethany Lowdon



What is a Synoptic Project?

A synoptic project is one of the last requirements of your apprenticeship and forms part of your End Point Assessment. The synoptic project involves undertaking a business related project over a one week period, away from your day to day role. The project takes 40 hours and must be done Monday to Friday.

Your synoptic project must be completed after a minimum of 366 days on programme, this will be after the final review with your Assessor. Your Customer Relations Coordinator will work with you and your manager to agree a date when you can complete the project.

Your synoptic project is completed to give you the opportunity to demonstrate your learning over the course of the apprenticeship, showcasing your abilities.

Project Choice

With your synoptic project date, you will also be provided with two or three project choices depending on your programme. You should read through all of these projects thoroughly, making sure you understand the information and objectives before choosing one.

When deciding on your project, you should consider which one you will feel most comfortable working on. You should read through your chosen project in detail, picking out key points and information to make sure you fully understand the objectives. This way, you will be able showcase your skills and achieve the best grade possible.

How to Prepare

You will receive an email from your Customer Relations Coordinator prior to your synoptic project date. This will include all of the documents, data and relevant information you need as part of your project.

Depending on your apprenticeship programme, this can include spreadsheets, word documents and images. Make sure you look through any materials thoroughly, you may be asked to analyse this data as part of your project.

Before starting your synoptic project, your employer should provide you with any resources or equipment required. This will usually be a laptop/PC, internet access and the use of any software needed such as Word, Excel or presentation applications.

When you come to start your synoptic project, make sure you are prepared with any material you need. It’s also important to have a quiet space to work in, away from any distractions so you’re able to focus and make the most of your time.

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