What do Baltic look for in apprentices?

Written on: 7 January 2020

Written by: Bethany Lowdon



At Baltic, we recognise that all apprentices start with different abilities. We believe that an apprenticeship can help you to develop the knowledge and skillset needed to excel within your programme.

We do not like to set strict entry requirements as we believe that being committed to the role and having the right attitude and passion will allow you to thrive in an apprenticeship. From there you should be ready to start a successful career in tech!

Human Skills

Baltic don’t just look for technical skills such as coding or troubleshooting. Human skills can be very useful in the workplace as well. For example, being confident is an important quality in any job role, especially those requiring social skills. These traits also mean that the individual will believe in their abilities, take risks and form relationships easier. Through this, people are more likely to push boundaries and perform well outside of their comfort zone.


At Baltic, we ask that you have 5 GCSE grades A-C, including Maths & English. Our level 3 programmes give you an equivalent qualification to what you would achieve completing an A Level. This means that GCSE grades are the first stepping stone to help you get to grips with your apprenticeship.


You should be committed to completing your apprenticeship from your first day - our programmes are a minimum of 12 – 15 months’ work. This will include all of your training, assessment plans and exams which need to be completed to make sure you get the best grade possible in your End Point Assessment.

Passion & Attitude

All Baltic apprentices are passionate about the programme they are studying. Having a solid interest means that you will be committed to your studies, with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

Tech Savvy

With today’s generation becoming progressively more tech-savvy, many individuals have self-taught skills and are proactive about improving their abilities. These skills can be things such as computer building, website creation or blog writing. Having hobbies linking to your chosen interest shows that you have the initiative to grow your own skills.

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