What components does a business case need?

Written on: 24 January 2019

Written by: Chloe Adamson



A business case is essentially a success story for the company. These four steps will show you what needs to be included to make a business case successful:

  1. The problem

You should start with addressing a real life problem. Describe what it is and find out how it originated. You then need to plan how much time is needed to deal with resolving this problem.

  1. Solution options

Rather than coming to the conclusion that there is only one solution you need to produce a more balanced approach.

For each solution which you decide on, note the benefits that come with it. You then need to look at the risks that come with this solution to make sure it is not a biased argument.

All of these notes should be included in your business case.

  1. Choose the right one

We believe that the easiest process for choosing the right solution is to rank them. Score each one out of 1-10, considering all the pros and cons which come with it.

Regardless of the way you sort through them, you will always have one solution which comes out on top.

We advise you to keep this process within your business case also.

  1. Argue your point

Now you have gone through all of the documentation and given the most detail possible. You just have to persuade everyone that your solution is right and this is the best possible way to achieve goals within your business.

This is where adding all of the minor details in will count! They will see that you have used a strategic method and worked hard on this case, which will make them sway more in your favour.

Make sure that you have a clear vision and make a strong argument. The business case should have a clear return on investment which should be referred to throughout.

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