What benefits does hiring an apprentice bring to my team?

Written on: 13 December 2018

Written by: Freya King



Apprenticeships have changed massively over the years, but one thing has remained the same: the benefits that they can bring to a team. By hiring an apprentice, you are not only helping someone take their first steps into their chosen profession, but you are also helping to improve the productivity of your current workforce.  

Fresh ideas

Bringing new faces into the team will also bring new ideas to the table. As many apprentices are fresh out of school or college, they will be keen to get stuck into the world of work. Choosing to start an apprenticeship in a specific job role rather than studying more general topics at college or university demonstrates a real interest and dedication to the field. This positive energy can help to refresh your team’s attitude and enthusiasm.

Access to skills

It can be very difficult to find staff that possess the right skills and experience that your business needs. The digital skills gap is leaving many UK employers without the vital tech knowledge that will keep them ready for the future. One way to solve this problem is to take on apprentices and help them to learn these skills, both on the job and through their training provider. You will be surprised not only by what they can learn from you, but what you can learn from them.

Reduced workload

Once your apprentices have found their bearings within the business, they will be able to alleviate a lot of the stress that a heavy workload can bring to a team. The simplest tasks can often end up taking the most time, as they tend to be frequent. Having apprentices on the team means that these basic jobs can be taken care of, freeing up the rest of your team to work on higher level projects.

Lower recruitment costs

If your team is struggling with their current workload, you might feel that taking on more full-time members of staff would be the ideal solution. Unfortunately, due to recruitment and salary budgets, this is not always possible. What a lot of employers aren’t aware of is the fact that the recruitment process for apprentices is usually free, as it is taken care of by the training provider. This not only helps financially, but also in terms of time and effort spent on recruitment.

Another saving that is made by taking on an apprentice is the reduced apprenticeship wage. It’s a good idea to pay more than this if possible, but it can be a decent workaround if you are not in a position to take on more full-time staff.

Staff that meet your needs

One of the greatest advantages of taking on apprentices is that you can mould them to suit the way your team works. Many apprentices are young people just starting out in their careers, so they won’t have picked up any bad habits from working elsewhere.

This is a fantastic opportunity for you to guide and support them to fit in with your company values and culture. This care and attention will help to build loyalty that will turn your apprentices into long term members of staff, benefitting your business for years to come. 

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