Unlocking Potential: True Potential on the Lookout for Software Apprentices

Written on: 8 January 2021

Written by: Frances Hardcastle



True Potential - a leading finance and technology company in Newcastle - are recruiting their latest cohort of Software Development apprentices. To maximise opportunity for young people in the North East, True Potential have teamed up with Baltic Apprenticeships to offer a 2-week training academy.

The Software Development Talent Academy will be delivered as a partnership between Baltic Apprenticeships and our friends at RAW Digital. It offers aspiring software professionals the opportunity to explore a career in coding, build expertise, and develop desirable skills and behaviours for success in the workplace.

The Talent Academy will run online over two weeks, from 1st February to 12th February 2021. 

Participants who complete the Talent Academy will come away with a Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) Software Development Fundamentals certification, and have the chance to be interviewed for an apprenticeship with True Potential. 

What Opportunities are Available with True Potential?

True Potential are an award-winning group of financial services and technology companies, working with around 20% of UK financial advisers. They combine their investment management knowledge with the latest technologies to build innovative financial solutions for their clients. 

Baltic Apprenticeships have been working in partnership with True Potential LLP since 2017, launching tech careers for over 15 apprentices within the company so far.

Software Development Apprentices at True Potential will be part of a dedicated software team, working on new features, debugging (problem solving and fault diagnosis), and responding to 1st line developer support requests.

Many apprentices who have completed their training with True Potential are still with the company, having moved up into permanent roles.

Lucy started her career as an apprentice with True Potential.

What will the Software Development Talent Academy cover?

The Talent Academy offers a supercharged package of skills and support to provide young people with solid foundations to enter into an advanced Level 3 Apprenticeship in Software. 

The training covers the following topics:

  • The Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA) certification in Software Development Fundamentals
  • Developing soft skills and behaviours, including communication, problem solving, teamwork and positivity.
  • Workplace professionalism skills and knowledge
  • Next steps in a tech career, including what to expect from an apprenticeship.

The Talent Academy has been designed in response to industry needs and demands. Our objective is to make a significant impact on the North East's skills gap and future talent pipeline.

How will the Talent Academy Help Bring in New Talent?

Employers in the tech industry are always looking for ways to make the sector more open and inclusive. For lots of young people entering the tech sector, software development skills are often self-taught, with few opportunities to really explore career options and learn what the industry has to offer.

This innovative approach to apprenticeship recruitment offers benefits to both young people and potential employers. Over two weeks, candidates will be able to learn key skills that can help them get started in a software career, build up their confidence, and get to know what True Potential and the wider tech industry is really like. 

For True Potential, the benefits are clear: their new apprentices will be able to enter the business with a head-start on their training, hitting the ground running in terms of technical skills, work ethic, and their understanding of the company culture.

Find out more

To apply for a Software Development Apprenticeship with True Potential, and to join the next Talent Academy, fill in our quick application form.

To find out more about our Talent Academy approach, or to recruit apprentices for your organisation, please get in touch with our friendly employer engagement team. 


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