National Coding Week 2016

Written on: 13 September 2016

Written by: Amanda McCombie



19th of September marks the start of National Coding Week 2016.

“The aim of National Coding Week is to give adults the opportunity to learn some digital skills”. [1]  

Our children are part of the Digital Generation, confident with the newest technologies having grown up with the internet, smart phones and for some, even coding classes in schools. This tech behaviour comes as second nature for most under 30’s as we (I, myself am 24) grew up together. This digital DNA is ingrained in most of this younger generation, however, many adults missed out on this digital revolution and feel left behind. As children, we had much more spare time to fully embrace these new technologies, our older counterparts however simply couldn’t. So sadly feel like this isn’t for them or “I’m too old for that, leave it for the younger ones”.

This is where Coding Week comes in!

The clever minds behind this initiative want to create sessions for parents, teachers, business leaders, school leavers, the unemployed, people with autism or those who have retired, and teach them a bit about coding, it’s simple really! Nobody is expecting people to become coders after one session, however, for many people it takes years of practice and experience but these taster sessions can be the first step on a journey into a digital business or digital career.

Children are leading the way

Children are learning digital skills in school through new classes added to the curriculum, (many people are even suggesting coding be added to the curriculum as a language!) as well as through coding clubs such as Coder Dojos.

The idea behind coding weeks' for these clubs and classes to be opened up to parents for a one-off session in which the children will teach the adults some of the skills they have learnt.

Head down to the library!

Your local library can be an ideal place to learn new tech skills. Already many councils have tech workshops in place and drop in hours where anybody can come along and learn new skills, from word processing to setting up and accessing their email. This is ideal for those without a home computer but are eager to get logged on. (Everything we do these days seems to need an email address!)

To keep up to date with the events, your local library has running through coding week and beyond, please visit your local council website for more information. To find a full list of coding week events please visit their official website at

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Amanda McCombie

Marketing assistant


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