The business benefits of generation Z’s ability to adapt to emerging technologies

Written on: 27 June 2019

Written by: Freya King



Over the last 20 years, we’ve seen technology evolve at such a rapid pace that it’s hard to remember how we ever lived without smartphones, social media and search engines.

But for Generation Z, they really can’t imagine! As the first people to grow up as true digital natives, they’ve seen so much change in their lifetime that the “save” icon is just a symbol, and not the floppy disk that the rest of us can remember from the early days of computing.

Known by many different names, such as the iGeneration, Gen Z or Plurals, those born from the late 90s and onwards are not only beginning to enter the tech industry, but they’re shaping its future.

Step aside millennials, here’s how recruiting from Generation Z will benefit your business.


Gone are the days where the standard route to success is via a university degree. The school leavers of today are ready to hit the ground running. Unlike any generation before them, plurals have the advantage of being able to instantly access a wealth of knowledge about any subject that takes their fancy.

An increasing number of young people are interested in tech from an early age, and often have self-taught knowledge of coding or troubleshooting IT issues. If they don’t know how to do something, they’ll google it! You’d be surprised what you can learn from a YouTube tutorial, so don’t underestimate how much knowledge your new hire may already have.


Coming of age in the 21st century means that change has become second nature to Generation Z. Think how much mobile phones have advanced in the last 10 years alone! This means that young people today won’t settle for doing things just because “that’s how it’s always been done”. Hiring a Gen Z’er will bring you fresh innovations from the perspective of someone who, let’s face it, is probably even more familiar with technology than you are.


Generation Z are all about tolerance and acceptance. Part of growing up in a connected world means that ignorance is the height of uncool. Plurals make great people to work with because they are open minded, sensitive and mindful of cultural issues. They’re not afraid to speak out about causes that matter to them such as climate change and equality, so they can make valuable contributions to the workplace.


Unlike the job-hopping millennials that came before them, today’s school leavers anticipate that they will build a career in one place. They might do a lot more shopping around when looking for a role, but once they find a working environment that both challenges them and suits their ideals, Gen Z’ers are likely to stick around.

Investing in the skills of a young person can help you secure the future of your business. Find out more about taking on a tech or digital apprentice here.

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