Case Study: Starting a Digital Marketing Career with a Pre-Apprenticeship

Written on: 15 January 2021

Written by: Frances Hardcastle


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When Jordan graduated from University, she took an internship in Digital Marketing and discovered her passion. However, in the middle of a pandemic, finding a junior role and starting her career proved to be a challenge.

In this blog, Jordan explains how she overcame this challenge, and shares her experiences of finding her way into a Digital Marketing career through Baltic's Digital Technologies pre-apprenticeship programme.

Q: How did you come across the Digital Technologies Pre-Apprenticeship? 

I saw an apprenticeship advertised through Baltic Apprenticeships in LinkedIn, so I contacted their team to find out more. I hope to learn the basics of Digital Marketing and develop my marketing skills so I could begin my career, and Baltic recommended the pre-apprenticeship programme to make my applications stronger.

Q: What did the pre-apprenticeship programme cover?

The programme covered the basic skills you need to know to get started with a career in Digital Marketing, IT and Software Development. It covered how to present a new product to an audience, coding, and researching different markets and how they advertise their brands.

When we had to research different marketing techniques of famous brands, I knew I had chosen the right career path because I found it really interesting. I also enjoyed presenting a new product we had thought of as a group, then creating a storyboard and advertisement for it.

More generally, the programme prepared me for the workplace, teaching me the skills I needed to fit into a marketing team. We learned about GDPR which is important when dealing with customers' personal data, along with the importance of a positive attitude.

I also took part in a practice interview at the end of the programme, which helped me prepare for my apprenticeship interview.

Q: What support did you receive from Baltic Apprenticeships throughout the training?

I felt fully supported by Baltic after my training as I was looking for apprenticeships. Keely supported me by emailing and calling me regularly to discuss how I was finding the programme and if I needed any help with anything.

She also directed me to completing a Level 2 Distanced Learning course to improve my skills whilst applying for apprenticeships. 

Q: Where are you now, a few months after the programme?

I have been working at Eemits Communications for 3 weeks as a Digital Marketing Apprentice, where I'm working towards by Level 3 Digital Marketing qualification with Baltic.

I love learning whilst putting my skills into practice, so I feel as though I'm getting a lot out of the apprenticeship because of how much I've learned so far. Eventually in my career, I would like to become a Digital Marketing Manager so I can be in full control of marketing the business.

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Jordan Lyness, Digital Marketing Apprentice

Ask An Employer: Eemits Communications

We also caught up with Jordan's manager, Glenn Sowerby, to see how Jordan is settling in, and hear how apprenticeships are making an impact on the wider business.

Q: How is Jordan settling into her new role?

Jordan has settled in well with the team and she has direct interaction with management and team members. She has taken ownership of the marketing of our e-commerce site within her stride and along with assistance from the Marketing Specialist is bringing forth ideas for marketing campaigns and social media posts.

Within the limited time Jordan has been with us she has had exposure to social media platforms, including Twitter and Facebook. She has devised her own theme for a daily Twitter campaign throughout December. She has also updated elements of the e-commerce site, and taken part in discussions with our PPC supplier. 

Q: What impact do you think apprentices can have on an organisation?

As a business, we believe that apprentices can bring a vibrancy and a desire to succeed to an organisation. Their continued development can make the workplace more productive by initially picking up the smaller tasks and freeing up existing staff time, then - as they grow within the business - they can use their new skills to take on more challenging tasks.

Our business has a strong belief in developing talent, and we are very proud that we are Investors in People accredited. As with most businesses, 2020 was impactful and resulted in rationalisation and restructure. However, despite these constraints, we wanted to look beyond the immediate challenges and seek out a path that would lay solid foundations for sustainable future growth.

We believe in recruitment for aptitude, as skills can be taught. We're confident that the apprenticeship educational modules can help Jordan develop her skills, alongside the additional support she'll receive from our Marketing Specialist.

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