Short term & long term objectives managers should set their apprentice

Written on: 3 January 2019

Written by: Bethany Lowdon



Apprentices are a great addition to a business. In order to maximise their potential, you should think about setting both short and long term goals. Putting clear objectives in place means that your apprentice will have something to work towards in conjunction with their training, putting their skills into practice and becoming an integral part of the team.

Day-to-day Tasks

Setting day-to-day tasks for your apprentice to complete will allow them to develop their skills, responsibilities and duties in the working environment. Completing small tasks will give them a greater understanding of what is expected of them in their role. It will also benefit the rest of your team, as their workloads will be reduced.


It is important that your apprentice is able to manage their workload independently. Encourage them to create a schedule they can work towards in order to meet deadlines. Learning how to effectively prioritise work means that your apprentice will be able to take on more responsibility and improve their time management skills in the long term.


Apprenticeship training can be part of both short and long-term objectives. Training course and modules will be completed in a particular time frame, scheduled in advance. This can also include exams and assessment plans with set deadlines. 

Personal development

Setting long term personal development goals will give your apprentice something to aim for, allowing them to grow in confidence over time. These objectives can be related to developing specific skills such as designing or proof reading, or focused on improving their human skills such as teamwork or time management. Track their progress and recognise milestones by having regular one to one discussions, offering help where needed.

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