Is There A Way To Accomplish More By Doing Less?

Written on: 9 May 2019

Written by: Chloe Adamson



A motto to live by is ‘Work Smarter not Harder’. If you try to do everything at once, then nothing actually gets done! It sounds weird, but to improve your productivity, you should focus on only one task at a time.

Make a to-do list

Plan ahead. Creating a list the night before might allow you to clear your head as well as preparing you for the next day at work. Prioritise your list over everything else, and also lay out your goals and objectives to help you to hit deadlines more efficiently. 

Multitasking is bad

Don’t divide your attention! You’ll end up feeling ineffective and frustrated if you try to complete too many tasks at once. Multi-tasking makes it difficult to organise your thoughts and filter out any irrelevant information.

Focus, and eliminate distractions

Ignore your emails. Turn your phone off. Close any documents you don’t need for that task. Once you have eliminated all of your distractions, you can completely focus on the task at hand. If you constantly think of your goals and objectives you will be more motivated to get your workload completed.

Set yourself a target for the day

At the start of your day tell yourself that you’re going to get five things done and you will feel more determined to complete your work load. Make sure that your work load is the RIGHT work load. Focus on what deadlines you have to help prioritise your work.

Learn how to say no

We know that is can be hard to say no to someone when they are asking for help, however sometimes you have to be selfish! You have to remember that you can’t prioritise everything, so only prioritise the work that is important to you. Alternatively if you can’t meet the suggested deadline, set their expectations and suggest another date/time.

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