How to set goals and achieve them

Written on: 26 September 2019

Written by: Chloe Adamson



Deciding on your goals and how to achieve them can be hard. Here are some of Baltic’s top tips on how to set and achieve your most important goals.

  1. Decide what you really want to achieve!

Studies show that when goals are meaningful to yourself, then you are more likely to achieve them. Don’t do pointless tasks, make sure that this is beneficial for your whole team.

  1. Prioritise

Spilt your goals into short and long term achievements. This way you can prioritise your goals and make sure they are all completed to their desired deadline.

  1. Specific goals

Make sure that your goals are clear. Make sure you know what you need to do and how you are going to achieve them.

  1. Create a schedule

Give yourself enough time to accomplish what you’ve set out to do! Prioritise goals with shorter deadlines to make them more achievable, leaving time to evaluate and make improvements.

  1. Stop Procrastinating

Don’t put your goals to one side! The fastest you work on a goal the more time you have to start the next one. Be motivated and do everything to your full potential.

  1. Eliminate obstacles

Everyone gets distracted by different things! If you know that you’re going to get distracted by something then eliminate it straight away and you will accomplish your goals so much faster.

  1. Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help to achieve your goals. Everyone needs help sometimes, someone may have already done something surrounding your goal so they will know exactly what you need to do.

  1. Talk to people about your goals

If you talk about your goals then you are more likely to complete them, your other employees will then see you as motivated and determined.

  1. Track your success

You should be proud of all of your accomplishments so keep track of what you have achieved. You can then prove to yourself that you are determined and will be more motivated to do more.

  1. Celebrate

Once you have completed one of your goals, celebrate. You deserve it!


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