How can we expect a Baltic software development apprentice to improve?

Written on: 19 September 2019

Written by: Freya King



When you take on an apprentice, you shouldn’t expect to see an expert developer right away. What you can expect is to bring someone with real enthusiasm, passion and interest into your business. With the right attention, they will grow into a capable software developer. Here are some areas of improvement that you can expect to see from your software development apprentice:


During their training, your apprentice will gain an understanding of the tools and methodologies used by software developers. They will learn to appreciate the concepts, approaches and techniques of programming. Your job as their employer will be to complement this with on the job training, giving them opportunities to put their new skills into practice wherever possible.


One of the clearest changes you will see in your apprentice over time will be their emerging confidence. Remember how nervous you felt when you started your first job. That’s how your apprentice is likely to feel as they start their career in software development, but their confidence will grow as they step outside of their comfort zone.

You will not only see them become a more self-assured software developer, but you will also see an improvement in the way they communicate with others within your business. Human skills like teamwork, problem solving and communication will all be developed as they progress through their apprenticeship.


A long term benefit of recruiting an apprentice is the duties and responsibilities they can take on. By the end of their programme, your software development apprentice should be able to write working code, taking best practices into account. You will be able to steadily increase their responsibilities until they are comfortable enough to take the lead on projects and implement ideas of their own.

Your apprentice doesn’t have to stop learning once they finish their level 3 apprenticeship. Those who wish to continue improving their skills can progress onto our Level 4 Software Developer Apprenticeship.

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