How can an apprentice add tangible value?

Written on: 2 May 2019

Written by: Freya King



An apprentice can be a great asset to your team. Over the course of their training, you will reap many benefits, and once they finish, you will have a loyal and dedicated member of the team. Here are some areas that you can expect to see tangible value:

New talent

One of the most immediate benefits you will see when taking on an apprentice is the presence of an enthusiastic fresh face that will bring a renewed energy to your team. By growing your own talent and providing them with the right skills from the beginning, you will gain an employee who is a perfect fit for their role.


Alongside their practical learning in the workplace, your apprentice will also receive in-depth, technical knowledge from their training provider. This training will introduce a newly learned, up-to-date skillset into your business that will refresh the skills of your whole team.


An obvious benefit of bringing in an apprentice is the amount of work they can help out with. Sharing responsibilities can be an excellent opportunity for an apprentice to learn on the job. Initially, they can take care of smaller tasks while the rest of your team use their newly freed up schedules to work on more important projects. Then, as an apprentice gets to grips with their role, you will be able to entrust them with projects of their own.

New ideas

As your apprentice grows in confidence, they will start to bring new and fresh ideas into the business. Often, it will be an apprentice’s first job, so they will have lots to bring to the table. Starting a career is an exciting time, so you should encourage innovation right from the start. As they build knowledge and understanding, you will start to see increasingly valuable contributions from your apprentice.

Loyal staff

If you are looking to grow your business by recruiting new members of your team, apprenticeships can be an excellent solution. You can mould apprentices to fit in with your business’ needs and values from the very start.

Given the opportunity, most apprentices stay on with the business as full-time members of staff once they have finished their training. This means that apprenticeships are an effective way of nurturing loyal members of staff who will benefit your company in the long term. By implementing apprenticeships into your recruitment process, you should see a tangible improvement in staff retention.

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