How apprentices can fill key roles within your software development team

Written on: 23 January 2020

Written by: Freya King



If you, like many employers, are struggling to recruit within your software development team, apprenticeships could be the solution you’re looking for. By growing your own talent, you can support the next generation of tech workers and future-proof your business all in one fell swoop.


One factor that makes recruiting for a tech role so difficult is that managers often look for a fully qualified candidate. Due to the digital skills shortage in the UK, this is not always attainable.

That’s where apprenticeships come in. At Baltic, we search for young, enthusiastic candidates with a passion for tech, and place them with employers who can nurture them as they enter the workplace. With the right mentor and a strong support system in place, they will grow into experts in their field.

Job roles

Our Level 3 Software Development Technician apprenticeship can help you fill roles such as Junior Web Developer, Junior Application Developer, Junior Programmer and Software Development Technician. The learning doesn’t have to stop once the apprenticeship is complete. For those who want to continue building their knowledge, our Level 4 Software Developer apprenticeship is the ideal progression route.

New skills

In addition to solving your recruitment problems, an apprentice will also refresh the skills of your current team. Technology is always progressing, so it’s vital to keep your knowledge up to date. You’ll be amazed what tenured staff can learn from an apprentice who is receiving the latest technical training.

Find out more about taking on an apprentice here.

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