Apprentice of the Month - October

Written on: 13 November 2019

Written by: Chloe Adamson


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Congratulations to Leo Rowley from Office Friendly for being named October's Apprentice of the Month! He will be receiving £50 in high street vouchers.

"I would love to nominate Leo Rowley for apprentice of the month and here is why!

Leo joined Office Friendly with heaps of enthusiasm and fitted into the company ethos and values straight away. Starting a new position especially when we are in a small office can be daunting for anyone, but Leo took this in his stride and took the time to get to know each team member and fully got involved in tasks straight away.

Since starting his apprenticeship, he has spent each day multitasking and aiming for the top marks/feedback in everything he does and if we look at the comments from Natalie Richardson leading the Google Analytics course, she personally mentioned him being a huge impact to others in a positive way and to the excitement to the rest of the team here he received 100% scoring, which is brilliant!

As a manager Leo is incredibly easy to work with and he will always take any tasks I give him on with one hundred percent effort and care. He has become increasingly confident with his time management and has learnt how to use the programme Asana which is used throughout the marketing team to prioritise and work through weekly tasks.

Leo has never submitted an assignment late and has been given amazing feedback to each project he has worked on so far. Within the office he will not be afraid to put in meetings and approach other members outside of the marketing team to get the answers he needs to complete these projects to his best ability, and I think this really has shown in the Baltic advisor’s reviews.

On a personal level Leo is always happy to socialise with us on outside activities and he recently beat me at a game of Clask at our Office Friendly yearly kick off day out!

Overall, I really feel Leo deserves to be awarded the apprentice of the month and I hope he can be rewarded for all of his hard work!"

Megan Johnson

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone that nominated, please see below!


I want to nominate Grace Brockbank of Fabric IT as Apprentice of the Month.

Grace deals with a multitude of tasks daily and always applies the same high energy approach; she is diligent and regular goes beyond my expectations. Her customer service is outstanding and has been noticed at the highest levels of the business with our Technical Director going out of his way to tell me how impressed he is with her attitude and customer service.

Grace recently put herself forward to represent Fabric IT to an award judging panel, her level of preparation was impressive, and the way she carries herself is far beyond her years. We have recently asked Grace to take on more work assisting the account management team which she has done with a perfect attitude and already is bringing benefit to the team.


Over the last month Harry has shown leadership qualities that weren’t visible three months ago. 

He has been given complex tasks such as building and configuring bespoke tablet cabinets. This has gone extremely well and he is now showing more senior staff the building and configure process from start to finish.

It is really encouraging to have Harry in our business, he has gone from asking frequent questions to now competently being able to work on his own. I have high hopes for him in the future , his commitment is exemplary and it has recently been noticed and commented on by our CEO ... which is rare.


This month Joe has highlighted how much of a crucial part of the team he is. His decisive and critical thinking was demonstrated by displaying his competence in his IT knowledge in each field of his job. As line manager the highlight of Joe’s month has easily been when Joe assisted the infrastructure team and demonstrated his expertise by identifying the problem with a server in Amport House.

Joe did this by realising that there was too much power that was delivered to the power supply causing the motherboard to be fried. Joe then, taking control of the situation and demonstrating his independence, contacted HP and ordered a new motherboard that fits the server. Currently Joe is waiting for the new server to arrive so that he can fit it and then contact infrastructure so that it can be reinstalled. I am overjoyed with the  ability Joe has shown this month in relation to his hardware IT skills and knowing that his skills will only improve come the next 20 months I am very excited to see what the future within the company will hold.

Not only this, but Joe has shown how confident he is by interviewing a new member of staff this week. As we are hiring a desktop assistant I tasked Joe with interviewing 5 potential employees. I knew that this was a big task and could be slightly intimidating for Joe to carry out, but I really wanted to see Joe being pushed out of his comfort zone into a new field that he has never experienced before so that he has more knowledge under his belt for the future, I assured him beforehand that if he doesn’t like it then of course he can stop. Joe was pleasantly surprised with how well he dealt with the interview and it was very pleasing to see somebody that has only been with the company for 4 months be so confident and show such a positive image of the company to somebody who may not have heard of us before.

Overall this month I am beyond impressed with Joe’s independence and skills that he has shown within his role as an apprentice and I am looking forward to the future as having him as a desktop apprentice.


As a manager, it’s always pleasing to have a team member being recognised by an external party. In support of this award I would like to follow this up by nominating Shawn for the Apprentice of the Month award.

He’s enthusiasm, commitment, desire to learn and motivation to achieve the very best from this Apprenticeship training opportunity is evident in his professional approach, the very high standards of course work submitted and learning outcomes achieved to-date. This learning is being undertaken whilst carrying out a very demanding full-time employment role and lot of the training preparation/work is being done in his own time to reduce the impact on the services my team deliver and to ensure he remains on track with the training plan.

I’m confident that Shawn will continue to engage in this positive way for the entire training programme and that my decision to support Shawn with this training opportunity will be substantiated by the knowledge and skills he gains.


I would like to nominate Sam for Baltic's Apprentice of the Month.

Sam is doing an incredibly good job in all aspects of his work. He has been working for me since September 2017 and has fitted into the working environment seamlessly whilst making excellent progress with regards to picking up and running with the tasks handed to him. He is more than capable of working under his own initiative but also equally at home working with the team when asked.

He is perfectly confident when undertaking more varied and challenging tasks given the chance to take on new responsibilities and is always eager to help out when required. A valued member of our team, Sam completes tasks on time and as required and expected by a Serco employee. He is rarely off work, is always punctual, and always puts in the effort to ensure his tasks are completed to the best of his ability.

His apprenticeship has enabled him to learn new skills and he puts these into practice in the workplace. Whilst gathering evidence for his coursework has been difficult due to the nature of his job role and the confidentiality surrounding it, he has worked hard to gather as much evidence as possible. Sam continues to excel in his work and is an asset to the team.


We couldn’t be happier with the progress that Erin has been making here at Karol. She is such an asset to our office, and she truly deserves any award on offer! Over the past few weeks, Erin has been leading on social media activity for a launch campaign for a client. She has listened, learned and been creative in her posts and activity – this has resulted in the client personally telling Erin that she should be proud of herself as they couldn’t be happier with the work. She has written social media posts, run analytics reports, and provided explanations on what different social media metrics mean – and this has led to a 62.5% conversion rate for the client (we would expect more like 10%!)

It may have been a result of this great campaign, but throughout the month we have seen Erin really come out of her shell; she is socialising with the team, chatting with colleagues, and suggesting ideas for other clients. She’s now sitting at a different desk in the office, which means she is more in tune with our conversations and activity and has really taken advantage of this to learn, ask questions and participate. At the end of September, Erin led on organising the Macmillan Coffee Morning for the whole office building (three floors) – we raised over £50 and we really attribute this to Erin’s effort at involving ALL the companies in the building.

Erin is able to easily balance her assignments with her work for Karol; I’d even say that her time management skills are better than others in the office with much more experience than her! We all love Erin here at Karol – she is such an integral part of the team, a great listener and learner, and truly deserves to be Apprentice of the Month (and Year, and Decade!)


I would like to nominate Michael as Apprentice of the Month for October – during the past month we have seen a high volume of support tickets coming into our Service Desk and he has been working exceptionally to keep on top of the ticket queues whilst maintaining high levels of customer service and support.

He has been working above and beyond his regular duties, offering to start earlier and finish later to assist in working through the backlog, as well as volunteering to take on out of hours support calls when these are received, and assist the Project Manager in implementing major installation projects for our customers. He continuously shows a keen interest to develop his skills and take on new challenges, and is always looking to learn.


I’m so glad to have Sameena on the team, she just gets it and it’s so refreshing. She’s keen to learn, pays attention to everything that she’s shown a then applies it seamlessly as though she’s been doing this for years. We have recently had a large number of events taking place and Sameena has been integral in us being able to deliver that. She is also helping us to promote an event that is being held in November for which she has already managed to bring in 35 delegates. She’s a star and I can’t wait to see what she’ll become from the process.


Within days of joining the company we realised that Kacper was going to prove to be a major asset to the company.

The company is a tough environment for any new employee never mind an apprentice. Being a small company, we rely on every member of the team to be a strong performer. We may want to gently introduce new colleagues to the company and our software, but everyone must hit the floor running and that includes our apprentices. Kacper has responded to and revelled in this environment. Within weeks he was working on a major project. Significantly he not only quickly learnt how to create a site using our core platform he was immediately making suggestions as to how our traditional approach could be improved. Once we had secured another contract from that customer it was a ‘no brainer’ to assign that new project to him and he is delivering it with minimal support.

This project has involved meeting with our customer in both small and large meetings where Kacper has proven to be highly personable and professional. Kacper has earned the respect of all his colleagues who admire his work and already has a full time contract waiting for him when he finishes his apprenticeship.


I would like to nominate James Burton for Apprentice of the Month as he has shown great progress in his first month on the Serco IT Service Desk. He has shown great initiative to learn and grow as a trusted and valued member of my team in such a short amount of time. James is approachable and has received feedback from several users. He has helped a user recently with anxiety around IT, who explained this to him, which he has dealt with in a way that is commendable.

The feedback is below received during Metal Health Awareness Day, week;

Dear Richard,

I wanted to give some feedback about James managing my changeover of laptops (old to new).  I suffer from anxiety and one of the triggers is IT so it is always a bit stressful and sometimes a lottery as to who you get to help you.

I explained this from the outset to James, which is not always easy, but he was calm, personable, understanding of my anxiety and clearly wanted to do a good and thorough job, which he exceeded.

I received an email from him which said his job title is an apprentice…well, I suspect he has to conclude that and won’t get immediate promotion, but he is an asset to your team and Serco. 


Since joining the Internal IT team at Partnerize in October last year Jeevan has firmly established himself as a dependable, well respected member of the department.

He has taken an independent, reliable approach to all the tasks he has been assigned including:

  • Taking ownership of all anti-virus alerts and ensuring they are dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Setting up and maintaining all meeting room space equipment across the entire office. This included creating a process documenting all tasks involved in the daily check of these spaces.
  • Contributing several documents that are now used in our user facing knowledge base.
  • Conducting an equipment audit which was complex task requiring a lot of attention to detail.

As well as Jeevan’s day-to-day work, he has also made time for his studies. In his spare time, including his own lunch break on occasion, Jeevan can usually be found at his desk working though practice exams or going through notes he has taken during a training session.

Jeevan has demonstrated a level of maturity and good humour well beyond his years and as a result is very highly thought of by everyone at Partnerize.

We firmly believe that for all the reasons above Jeevan deserves recognition as Apprentice of the Month.


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