Apprentice of the Month - November 2019

Written on: 6 December 2019

Written by: Bethany Lowdon


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Congratulations to Jake Bennett from Tech Service Partner for winning Novembers's Apprentice of the Month! He will be receiving £50 in high street vouchers.

Over the last few months, Jake has really developed his skills on the Service Desk. He is always on time and committed to throw himself into any task I set him. He fits in very well with all of our team and it feels like he has been with us for years.

When Jake first joined our team, I created a 12-week plan to follow when training him and he has exceeded my expectations and is far ahead of the plan I created.

Jake has passed all the exams that he has sat with very high scores and always submits assignments on time or earlier.

Out of the three courses he has currently taken part in, Jake has been awarded Apprentice of the Week twice and the future is only looking brighter…

I believe that Jake has really thrown himself into the role and will continue to do so as he develops and learns more. He is reliable, trustworthy and helpful. I know that any task that I set him will be completed to a very high standard as he always tries his best no matter the task ahead of him.

He is a truly remarkable individual and I am glad to call him a member of my team.

Andy Stevens

We would also like to say a big thank you to everyone that nominated, please see below!


As a manager, it’s always pleasing to have a team member being recognised for his efforts, to hear that Shawn has received his second Apprentice of the Week is fantastic. In support of this award I would like to follow this up by nominating Shawn for the Apprentice of the Month award.

He’s continued enthusiasm, commitment, desire to learn and motivation to achieve the very best from this Apprenticeship training opportunity is evident in his professional approach and the very high standards of course work submitted and learning outcomes achieved to-date.

This learning is being undertaken whilst carrying out a very demanding full-time employment role and lot of the training preparation/work is being done in his own time to reduce the impact on the services my team deliver and to ensure he remains on track with the training plan.

I’m confident that Shawn will continue to engage in this positive way for the entire training programme and that my decision to support Shawn with this training opportunity will be substantiated by the knowledge and skills he gains.


Beth has been a fantastic addition to the Urban Paws UK team.  She is punctual and enthusiastic at every level.  Always willing to take on a challenge, she is able to work on her own initiative.  This month in particular, Beth has had to personally deal with some of our most difficult clients and she has completed very difficult tasks that they had set with aplomb.  

These specific roles entailed her coordination of eight different animals for one video shoot (the client was LadBible).  She dealt with the entire booking process, handled the social media surrounding the filming, and closed off the deal.  The other job she worked on was for TikTok where she had to recruit a variety of pet influencers, storyboard a video shoot and communicate with our client directly.  Beth never shies away from a challenge, even when such a task would be daunting to some seasoned employees.

Beth comes up with interesting strategy ideas for social media, particularly in the areas of YouTube and Twitter.  We have already implemented some of her ideas into our daily routine, particularly around the area of branding on YouTube and Instagram.  

To sum up, Beth is a friendly, capable member of the Urban Paws UK team who is flourishing more and more on a daily basis.


I want to personally comment on David Dearn’s performance over the past few months, since joining Specialist Computer Centres, David has been involved in repairing I.T equipment owned by some of our Retail contracts.   David   is really coming on leaps and bounds not only with course work, but also in the practical aspects of his role too.  It’s great to see David growing in confidence and applying his new skill sets and knowledge to enable departmental and individual success. 

David is developing into a key member of the Repair Centre, demonstrating sound technical knowledge and the ability to meet both individual and departmental targets, both of which pay great attribute to a successful service delivery.  A few months ago David was asked to take on some repairs for one of our top 10 customers – this meant David had to again learn new aspects of testing and bench engineering and very quickly exceeded his personal  productive targets and was even able to offer better working practice suggestions to allow us to achieve even  more productivity. 

David is becoming a resourceful member of our team, he gets along really well with departmental colleagues and is becoming a very independent team member, self-confident, Self-Driven and demonstrates a willingness to all tasks directed at him.   I thought it important to offer this feedback about David and to offer my sincere acknowledgment to his task orientated behaviour - Well done David and thank you for all your hard work and efforts to date. 


This past few weeks have been great for Jack. He has come out of his shell and started to build real confidence within his own ability. The apprenticeship up to now has really driven Jack to push himself more. He has had a hard few years and this job means a lot to him. The business is like a family and I think Jack felt his worth within the family wasn't much without a qualification or real understanding of his duties. Now he has proper training and likeminded people he can gain insight and experience from we have really noticed a new found spark in his work.

His marketing knowledge and initiative has grown in status and we have found him being not only more studious and detailed in his approach, but he has started to become a problem solver rather than coming with issues and allowing senior team members to resolve the issues. This fresh approach to his work is making him much more productive and we are really happy at how he has thrown himself into the course with a real desire to grow. Everyone at Collins and Darwell is looking forward to seeing how far Jack can go with his learning with Baltic Apprenticeships.


Since joining the Internal IT team at Partnerize in October last year Jeevan has firmly established himself as a dependable, well respected member of the department.

He has taken an independent, reliable approach to all the tasks he has been assigned including:

  • Taking ownership of all anti-virus alerts and ensuring they are dealt with in an appropriate and timely manner.
  • Setting up and maintaining all meeting room space equipment across the entire office. This included creating a process documenting all tasks involved in the daily check of these spaces.
  • Contributing several documents that are now used in our user facing knowledge base.
  • Conducting an equipment audit which was complex task requiring a lot of attention to detail.

As well as Jeevan’s day-to-day work, he has also made time for his studies. In his spare time, including his own lunch break on occasion, Jeevan can usually be found at his desk working though practice exams or going through notes he has taken during a training session.

Jeevan has demonstrated a level of maturity and good humour well beyond his years and as a result is very highly thought of by everyone at Partnerize.

We firmly believe that for all the reasons above Jeevan deserves recognition as Apprentice of the Month.


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